It’s been two years with this beast. Here are some thoughts and opinions after two years. I know that this may seem a little bit biased however I do get into the nitty-gritty and negatives about owning a Tesla.

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Keyboard Warriors, Choose Your Words Wisely.

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  1. Wow….very low miles….I put on 77k miles on my model 3 in 3 yrs. Now I'm thinking of getting a used model x (not sure if that is a good idea).

  2. I really want a Model X, I don't mind buying used, my only concern with used is battery degradation.

  3. Today my 2021 is still as badly built as it was the day it was badly designed. The panel gaps are horrid, the service is even worse. How do you spend over 100K in a car and have those issues along with bad service and attitude from the people that work there. The Dania Beach FL store is like a dirty gas station with 2 bathrooms for all, including the mechanics. The disposable towels stacked over the garbage can and all floors dirty and a disgrace. I honestly am having issues with buying this after my Model 3 which was a much better car. This is fruckt up Elon!

  4. It looks like your model X has yellow ring issue on the main display. My aunt model X 2018 had the same issue.

  5. He said, “I will consistently go into debt for Tesla”.
    That’s a no for me dog, car debt is my enemy not my friend.

  6. Where do you get those cushions in between your front seats, and the center consoles. I need that!!! Seems like it blocks things from falling into the seat gaps???

  7. I wish I could place a Model 3 but I can’t afford I would get white interior and exterior standard 2021 80k

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