Mi 11 Ultra Review – Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

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  1. LIES. Xiaomi is πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³. They fake their quarterly. Dont trust the Global Times.

  2. Xiaomi would eat Samsung for breakfast; by using Samsung's own GN2 sensor.

    Samsung: "I've won… But at what cost?"

  3. always have to watch your videos atleast twice to understand the content..
    Voice and your flow gives such calming effect that i lose focus on the content everytime

  4. If Google maintains its iron clad hold on Android OS, infested with its spyware for personalised ads, I do not want a Android phone period!!
    Apple’s stance on privacy to the point of pissing off data miner Mark Zuckerberg to the point of legal action is impressive, so I chose Apple over 2nd worst data miner Google.
    I have bought only 4 months ago a refurbished iPhone 7+ for less than $400AUD and I have absolutely no problems with it, it installs all latest updates, I use a lighting connector corded headphones. If I am missing out on anything you can let me know.

    I have a home button!
    Which to me is invaluable and makes things so easy.

  5. It's a samsung ripoff. xiaomi is Chinese ripoff trash literally just stealing everything and "being like hey look at me I'm totally not stealing everyone else's ideas these are definitely mine". Xiaomi like all other Chinese companies should be banned from the world for working with the ccp and enslaving the Uyghur's.

  6. Us is shit for banning Huawei lol they acted like babes we losing against Huawei what to do let's band them google is in for this as well now in uk they don't show speed cameras in maps bunch of dogs that obey orders from guverment

  7. I'm still rocking my Xiaomi Mi4C since it came out! (2015) and it works just great… so much that despite wanting to upgrade every year for something newer and shinier (for the tech-love), I really have no reason for it, and therefore haven't! πŸ˜› But… it's time now, so I'm looking for its replacement, although I could probably still be rocking this one for 2-3 years more, at least. In fact, before the Mi4C, I had the iPhone 4! from 2010… so not bad huh? 2 phones in 11 years! so… Mrwhosetheboss, you wouldn't have something cool to giveaway, do you? πŸ˜€

  8. No Chinese Phones. They are listening devices for spying on other countries. Stick with Samsung, Apple, LG or Sony. Will not advise anyone to invest in Phones from China like Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Lava, OnePlus, etc. Don’t get into this trap just because it’s cheaper. Go for cheaper models of Samsung,Apple, Sony, LG, Nokia…..

  9. Thank you so much for cheering me up and making my day better!! I was really feeling down and felt like I had no one to talk to but then i watched this video and i got a good laugh out of it and I'm feeling better now thank you so much it means alot to me and it really helped out

  10. crazy phone, the fact it says the "120x zoom" or whatever by the camera ruins it so hard for me, i like clean minimalistic, some others may not mind but bleh plus all the markings on the bottom

  11. But selfie images from samsung looked more natural and even more detailed than the images from rear camera of mi11 as selfie. Atleast on this video. Please check the white balance too on that particular part of the comparison, samung images were more natural and even the exposed areas were controlled very well, and it's amazing for a front camera.

  12. Let's hope that the U.S doesn't ban Xiaomi. If Xiaomi keeps doing what it's doing, it'll overtake Samsung.

  13. Omg too funny!! thank you for starting my morning with such laughter (sounds just like something I would do!!)Smh…πŸ€ͺ

  14. If I could have got this phones financed from Verizon I would have but I went with the Samsung s21 Ultra instead for this reason.

  15. I have had the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra since it first came out…yes, it looks good…supposed to have top specs, but it has given me many issues. 1. slower than my 865 from last year, 2. camera color science is way off, 3. connection drops frequently, so I have to use my second phone (realme x50) which never drops, and 4. it freezes randomly…all in all, it was so bad, I wondered if the SD 888 was even in the phone…it has 12g of dram too…not satisfied with it at all..seems the only good feature is the high resolution screen. I find I'm always grabbing the Realme x50 so many times…in my opinion, the Mi 11 ultra is not worth the price at all…my OnePlus 7 pro was faster and better, and it's a 3 year old device…regret getting the Mi 11

  16. Am I the only one who noticed that "that's what she said" edit lmao. Great video ❀️

  17. S21 ultra is heck new level man… use both simultaneously for a year and compare then.. clearly samsung wins : )

  18. People forget samsung is also a foreign made phone. Why hate China. China had certain tech years before it arrived here. Besides that,everything in your home is made from China lol

  19. Hmmm….waiting for a spectaculair note 22 with backscreen….. if not….I will take a look at xiaomi's mi 12 ultra next year…. if xiaomi integrates a spen……i will now what to do….

  20. Me already having a Xiaomi phone for more than 2 years and now people are going crazy about is! Me being like: Hehe i was first! πŸ˜‚ I already knew how good it was πŸ˜‚

  21. Meh… The whole 'smart' phone industry is a scam. I still have my LG V30 and I can't see anything that new phones can do that my one can't. They've reached maximum capability. My advice is to buy a NEW, 2-year old FLAGSHIP model phone from eBay or somewhere. It's cheap, you get a new phone and they're as good as any other. That's what I do.

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