5700 XT Vs 6800 XT | Ryzen 9 3950X

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Check out how my Watercooled and overclocked 5700 XT competes against my overclocked 6800 XT at 2560x1440p

My PC Specification
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite Motherboard
PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Reference design
EK Quantum Velocity Block Magicool 750ML Reservoir and Pump
AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2
32GB DDR4 4400Mhz Patriot Viper Steel
Samsung B-die Tuned to 3733Mhz CL14-14-14-26 1867Mhz “IF”Corsair AX 860 PSU Corsair 780T Full Tower Black.
TeamGroup L5 3D Lite 480GB
Samsung 860 Evo 480GB
ScanDisk 256GB
Samsung 128GB M.2
Samsung “55” Q6FN QLED
Windows 10 Professional 64Bit Version 2004

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  1. For those who have been subscribed to me for a while will remember my 5700 XT MSI Evoke that I watercooled. I had lots of old data around from previous comparisons so I thought why not put it up against my 6800 XT, and get a closer look of the difference in power between RDNA vs RDNA 2. Both cards were tested with the exact same components. I hope anybody thinking of upgrading their 5700 XT to a 6800 XT finds this useful.

  2. and his name is bang for buck pc gamer except the pcs are not a bang for the buck its do you have enough money tho

  3. The difference is normally 10-15% bigger because of the CPU bottleneck and the missed SAM feature.
    I know the 5000x cpu's are really hard to get.
    I will see you in the next time the 6900xt with the 5900xt cpu ;D

  4. Could you make a comparison between 3950x and 5950x using the 6800 XT at high res? It would be awesome. 🙏

  5. Thanks for the comparison. wow almost double VRAM usage (efficient?) and Temp on 6800XT , makes sense in ways i guess as it peaks at much higher clocks. Apparently AMD improved on the cooling . Double fps in parts. Definitely getting this card, cheers , amazing channel!

  6. being a 5700xt user it`s really good to see the staggering leap in performance with the 6800xt. It`s a great card but i think i may get an nvidia card. Who am i kidding these cards don`t exist

  7. Thanks that you providing us those excellent comparisons man really appreciate your effort, AMD delivered a great performance uplift over the previous generation but lets not forget that the 6800xt its 75% more expensive than the 5700xt but also AMD didn't actually had a flagship tier Gpu performance wise back then so I totally understand that comparison,regardless its an awesome uplift and for sure the 6800xt is a great card, no doubt about that.

  8. I expect that after the AMD AI, 6800 xt to be double the 5700 xt performance. 5700 xt is still good for 1440p.

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