Apple iPhone 13 upgrade 5 major strengths!All three lenses are renewed, and the endurance is greatly increased

(Picture/Review of Apple Press Conference)

Apple’s 2021 autumn conference officially kicked off! This year, due to the epidemic, a purely online, pre-recorded release format is still adopted. Compared with the iPhone 12, which was only unveiled in October, the new generation of iPhone 13 will be released on time in September, and it will still maintain 4 models. 5 key upgrade points.

→4 models cut bangs

Continuing the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple still launched 4 models for consumers to choose from, including the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and the top-profile version of the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. The biggest difference is that the bangs on the screen have finally been cut, and Apple said that by reducing the area by 20%, more screen space can be obtained.

→The new A15 chip performance is upgraded

As the core of the iPhone 13, the A15 chip uses a 5nm process, emphasizing a brand-new 6-core architecture with the strongest performance of a smartphone. The CPU is 50% faster than competing products, and the 4-core GPU is 30% stronger, and 16 cores The neural engine brings a series of AR, 3D models and machine learning performance.

Interestingly, this time Apple made a difference in the performance of the iPhone 13 series for the first time. The high-end models of 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have an extra GPU core, so the performance of competing games can be increased by 50%.

→ Support 120Hz for the first time

On the screen, the brightness of iPhone 13 has increased by 28%, among which 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max can reach 1000 nits. The two high-end models support iPad Pro’s Pro Motion technology for the first time, which can have a floating screen refresh rate. Looking at 120Hz, it usually maintains 10Hz, taking into account smoothness and battery life.

In terms of battery life, Apple said that the iPhone 13 series has modified the internal structure and put in a larger battery. For example, the iPhone 13 has an increase of 2.5 hours of battery life compared to the previous generation, and the 13 mini has an additional 1.5 hours. As for the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, they increase respectively. 1.5 hours, 2.5 hours.

(Picture/Review of Apple Press Conference)

(Picture/Review of Apple Press Conference)

→All three lenses are renewed

Apple replaced all four iPhone 13 models with new lenses this time, emphasizing that it can increase the amount of light by 47%. Among them, the dual lenses of the 13 and 13 mini are arranged diagonally, and the new 12 million-pixel wide-angle lens has f/1.6 The aperture and ultra-wide angle have f/2.4 aperture and 120 degrees, and introduce the Sensor-Shift stabilization technology that was originally available in the iPhone 12 Pro Max to reduce shaking during shooting.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have also been upgraded. For example, the long focal length lens now has 3x optical zoom, and the ultra-wide angle is better than the iPhone 13, 13 mini. It has a 6p lens, f/1.8 aperture, and a 92% upgrade for low-light shooting. And can support macro shooting, shooting only 2 cm objects, 3 lenses all support night mode.

With the computing power of the A15 chip, the iPhone 13 series has also added a “Cinematic mode” recording mode, which is like a portrait mode. You can freely switch the shallow depth of field of the screen theme, and the new Photographic Style filter function. Smart HDR and portrait mode are also upgraded simultaneously. , Apple also predicts that it will be updated through iOS 15 in the future, adding “ProRes” photography function to iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

→Reduced price, 1TB model debut

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini are available in five colors: pink, blue, midnight (black), starlight (white), and red. The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro are available in Tianfeng blue, silver, gold, and graphite.

The price of Apple’s iPhone 13 mini has been reduced by one thousand yuan from last year, starting at 22,900 yuan, the iPhone 13 is 25,900 yuan, the high-end 13 Pro is 32,900 yuan, and the 13 Pro Max is 36,900 yuan.

In terms of capacity, it is now starting at 128GB, 64GB has entered history, iPhone 13, 13 mini also has 256, 512GB options, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have an additional 1TB option, which is the largest in history.

“You may still want to watch”

Apple’s autumn conference is here! iPhone 13 officially debuted, and 4 major new products also appeared on the same scene

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