How To Upgrade To Windows 11 FREE!!!!

Easy Way to Update to Windows 11 if you have a Windows 10 PC.

Health Check For Windows 11
Upgrader tool from Microsoft

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  1. I minimized the installer and now it's in the task manager and still running. I want to see what the app is doing but I can't. please help

  2. Brother, does this process remove or corrupt our existing files,games,softwares installed in c drive?

  3. When I try to click on the installer, I get the error saying

    "Can't find the necessary file. please check if you have permission to write to the installation folder."

    What do I do?

  4. How much time does it take from the very beginning of Updating and process to Windows 11 desktop approximately?

  5. So I am all good to update I don't need to worry about losing files or programs or should I hold on for the moment

  6. If you install Windows 11 onto a USB and use that to install it on your drive as a fresh installation, then your computer does not need to meet the minimum requirements such as TPM 2.0 and more if you still want to install Windows 11.

  7. I have the Surface Studio 2. According to Microsoft's official list of supported CPUs, my CPU is compatible. When I run the PC Health Check it passes all the tests. During the upgrade, after step 3, instead of the Restart button, a Checking For Updates window popped up followed by an error that read, Incompatible CPU, then the upgrade stops. Tried several times. Anyone else with a PC that passes all the compatible tests having this problem too? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  8. i m currently in the prereleased version (programme windows insider ) how can i get the officiel windows 11 cuz i had a lot of problems in this evaluation build .i checked for windows update it shows me a new build but i guees it s another prereleased one it s this (Windows 11 Insider Preview 22471.1000 (rs_prerelease))

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