One UI 4.0 Beta | 18 NEW Changes vs One UI 3.1

One UI 4.0 Beta with Android 12 | 60+ NEW Features

We managed to get an exclusive early hands-on with a build of One UI 4.0 beta with Android 12 on the Samsung Galaxy S21. The upcoming One UI 4.0 Beta should be available for the S21 Models via registration through the Samsung Members App.

The time of availability will be in the description once we have more details, but overall this is a great sign from Samsung giving major OS version updates to their devices in a timely manner.

Although some changes to One UI 4.0 beta are major, minor and in between, comparing it to One UI 3.1 with Android 11 running on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra we have here, we managed to find 18 New things that One UI 4.0 Beta brings.

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Here is our breakdown of what is new with this beta build of One UI 4.0.

Latest Android 12 / One UI 4.0 news:


0:00 Intro
1:44 Labs
2:13 Speed and Smoothness
2:13 Transparent Icons
2:43 New Widgets View
2:56 Android 12 Easter Egg
3:05 New Charging Animation
3:14 More Privacy Controls
3:41 New Controls and Alerts
3:54 New Green Icon for Camera/Mic Usage
4:14 Private Compute Core
4:31 Add Media Page to Home Screen
4:41 Use Precise Location Toggle
4:52 New Look for Location Settings
4:56 Safety and Emergency
5:07 New Look for Device Care
5:15 New Look for Default Apps
5:23 Camera U.I Changes
5:34 New Top Keyboard Icons
5:46 The Wrap Up

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