iPhone 6 CPU Short – Very hot No power No Fix – Flir Thermal Cam to detect short

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iPhone 6 no power no display and gets very hot. We used a Flir thermal and detected a short on the CPU. Unfortunately it is unpractical to reball or replace a CPU.

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  1. Salam

    you do a very good job
    could you tell me which mount do you use for the thermal camera?
    because I own flir E60BX and I am looking for a support

    thank you

  2. Sir my phone is getting heated around the camera of my iphone 6 . And it's draining my battery really fast and the battery is draining ever the phone is swiched off. Please tell me what to do .

  3. do you have a board on iphone 6 plus can i have please because i dont know how to repair this iphone 6 plus its dead and not charging but heating at the top of the screen please can you help me please

  4. i fix mines the cpu was overheating my fix is clean the home button because siri voice was keeping poping up so i remove the home button with a swab clean it gently around the areas with isopropyl also removed parts near the cpu clean it gently around it with alcohol removed the simcard clean it aswell "note" dont over wet the swab damp is good and also unttach the battery before cleaning then let it dry for a few minutes it should not over heat no more good luck

  5. Can't it be t he NXP LPC18B1UK ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller or NXP 65V10 NFC module + Secure Element from the other side of the board?

  6. Hi, I replaced the charging port on my iPhone, but did not realize a screw was misplaced. The phone got hot and now will not turn on. It will only show the Apple LOGO for 10 seconds and then go to a blackish screen. The backlight is still on though. When I connect to a computer it does the same thing. The computer does not recognize the phone being plugged in. Is there any way to get my photos and videos off there?

  7. I've an SE and I changed a U2/Tristar chip on it because the phone didn't charge up. After chip replacement the motherboard has PP_GPU and PP_CPU short. I used kapton tape to cover other parts and I used the hot air station on 350C. I think I did a good job but just in case I removed the IC (all pads look good) but the motherboard still has short circuit. The phone never had water damage. Can anyone tell me why has the phone short circuit and how can I fix it please? Thanks in advance. Anita

  8. just don't tell me you bought this camera for 8000$ 😑

  9. @Northridgefix I have a 6 plus with the same EXACT PROBLEM as the space grey iPhone 6 did with a short right by the chip. It' gets hot fast but don't know how to fix. How much would a repair be to replace this capacitor and how long would it take to get my phone back

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