Elon Musk Announced TESLA PHONE Model Pi! (With Starlink WiFi)

Elon Musk Announced TESLA PHONE Model Pi! (With Starlink WiFi)

Elon Musk’s Tesla is up for a new launch, and it’s unlike anything you’d expect. The phone, called Tesla Model Pi, is rumored to be less expensive than its competitors and even take a page out of Apple’s book. The Tesla Model Pi will also feature Starlink WiFi!

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  1. Game over to Apple, Apple is just selling their firmware, and one of the biggest mistakes that Apple's been doing is the fact that they hold back from putting the latest features that have been available in the world, such as touch ID under the screen. They obviously can do it, but they just hold back from making such things so that they can release new features one at a time and get more profit from selling cheap phones (you know the specification sucks). You can see Apple will do everything to get more money like don't put charging cables and earphones into the box. It's acceptable that we buy a phone without an adaptor inside the box, but no charging cable? WTF. It's as if they want us to buy their accessories to increase their income. C'mon, the iPhone price is already too much for its specification. And now you want us to buy a charging cable, adaptor, AirPods before we can use it? I hope Elon Musk could create better smartphones than Apple and crush Apple entirely as he's our only hope.

  2. this phone uses rocket science case. it can withstand an orbit crash. you don't need plastic or rubber protection.
    looking at you nokia brick phone.

  3. Also take a drive by a Tesla dealership they are the only company who has cars a lot full of cars I don't know if they are sold or for sale but they are there no chip problems for Elon

  4. Is there an 80 year old old man who uses my grandfathers 80 year old smartphone I want to buy one for him Is it a defect or n

  5. For this to be succesful, he will need to release an ecosystem, not just a phone. The only reason I have an Iphone is because I have a mac, and the only reason I have a mac, is because I have an Iphone. The integration between them is just so essential.

  6. Okpi是基于pi network社区生态最强的meme代币,电商易货,NFT等强落地应用,强大社区共识,狗狗币,柴犬币后不可错过的机会.


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