How to install YouTube or other apps on Old ipad mini 1 , 2 or ipad 2, 3,

This method will work on all the older ipads, like ipad mini 1, ipad mini 2, ipad 2, ipad 3, ipad 4 ….


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  1. I downloaded it, but i keep getting an error message each time I tried to open the app. What next must I do to get it to work on the the iPad mini?

  2. I am planning on putting one of these (30$ in my country) in my car as a media system. if I have youtube, that's enough. if youtube premium would work, so I can lock the screen while listening to that, it should be perrrrffect. don't know why people don't put iPads in their cars, they work better than 90% of the navigations out there

  3. Mine is not working. I was able to download it but it says "error loading tap to retry". It is connected to working internet. My Ipad is mini first gen ios 9.3.5. How can I make it work? Thank you

  4. wish I could hear it. the volume is so low I can't understand him. I'm trying to set up my Grandson's older Ipad with youtube kids. It won't go.

  5. Hi there,

    I was able to download the app but when I go on the app it just keeps saying “error loading tap to retry”. I’ve deleted it and redone loaded 4 times already. It’s for the iPad mini 1. Any suggestions?


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