Google Pixel 6 Pro: 5 best and 5 worst things

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Note, this is not our full review. That’s on its way! In this video we’re rounding up some of the best and worst features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

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  1. Youtubers are so annoying. In one video u can hear that battery is por and SoT is about 4-5hrs and in another u hear that battery is 8+ hrs. Damn!

  2. Having no problems whatsoever with my pixel 6. Only thing I don't like is not having the squeeze function for Google Assistant, but that's down to my own personal preference.

  3. Love ❤️ my Pixel, but the worsts things for me are NO face unlock and the finger print scanner is AWFUL! 🤷🏿‍♂️ Still recommend it since it's under $1000 and still a flagship quality phone !

  4. I would like to know if it charges wirelessly on a stand charger? I do not want to plug it in every day!

  5. I don't understand how it's possible that people even today want to have a super fast battery charge and according to the experts that the more fast charge they get, more loss of usability and performance will have and its life will be shortened faster than one imagines. I would not worry about the fast charge, rather the duration of it and the performance that it will give me in my day to day with the same phone. IMHO!🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I can't believe Google switched from perfect working backside fingerprint sensor (even with wet fingertips!) to crappy display fingerprint sensor. Hey Google: Most people use display covers like foil or glass to protect their 700 bucks screens. But your stupid screen sensor is a act of sabotage to your costumers!

  7. The selfie camera is annoyingly bad. Hoping a software update can fix it but it's definitely lacking.

  8. No issues with charging the phone for me, increase the touch sensitivity, no issues with fingers print logon at all.

  9. i use autobrightness, 5g on all the time with tmobile, Bluetooth and location on, combination of google maps, gaming, youtube, and music listening and i get all day battery when fully charged, usually end a day with about 15% left or less

  10. I have a big problem with the battery life of my 6 Pro. SoT is 4- 5 Hours. That’s very poor 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. From day 1 my phone is extremely hot uncomfortably hot to touch and hold when using it and it is so slippery if you put it down on any surface it will slide and eventually fall off

  12. Great phone but Not much difference to my 4xl and the finger print reader just doesn't work at all with a tempered glass screen protector which is highly annoying. Hopefully December's system update addresses that issue.

  13. I vowed never to buy another google phone since all of mine failed in some way or form. I've had them all, from htc, nexus, and pixel 3 being the last. When 6 was announced i decided to try again. I'm a heavy phone user and battery life has been great. I charge wirelessly at night, and could even skip a day at times. Fingerprint scanner was crappy at first but as google mentioned pressing firmly fixes that. With that said it's a day and night difference when you do press firmly. Lens flare isn't an issue either. Not crazy about the edged screen and how slippery it is though. I have to say so far I'm super impressed. Off topic I think pixel, especially pixel 6 "pro" owners should get a lot more perks for owning one of THEIR products. Like unlimited photo storage like they did before. More google drive storage, and or free google one for instance. Still definitely back on #teampixel 👍🏼

  14. My battery life got better after 8 days and by day 15 it last 1.5 days. All day GPS and extreme Spotify quality all day I'm at 28% by 10pm.
    I don't like the metal and glass. That's such a waste. It's just for perceived perception. Your going to put a case on it anyways. Give me plastic!
    I could give two shuts about the finger scanner. I swipe up and use the pin.
    Never charge your phone to 100%.
    My pixel 2xl battery stayed in top condition with me charging it at 22% and never going over 95%. Never once did I replace the battery or experience a degrading battery in 4 years. Keep it out of heat too.
    The camera takes time to get used to since you have so many options. I use a real camera for important pictures. I end up deleting all my phone pictures.

  15. That charging speed is pathetic. My OnePlus 8t charges to 100 in 40 mins.
    Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus phones do a much better job of charging. I like Google. I had the pixel 1. That was dope! Did that charge faster?


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