Jim Jones and Wack BARK AT EACH OTHER Then Jim GOES OFF on Wack 100 (Heated Clubhouse Exchange)


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  1. It is weird that guys locked up and Jim not as a high ranking member but I will never call a man a rat I didn't see the paper work Jim roll wit sum big dudes but.hell destroy walk in a fight.i think walk beef wit everybody. He diss nippsey pac suge he always talk tough them old men almost whipped his old ass he better leave these young niggas alone cuz they not right

  2. Rat 🐀 jones it’s funny how you run those wire tapes which everybody knows about but you’re not in jail funny how do you call the kid a snitch meanwhile everybody was indicted do you know what you did homie

  3. Wack 100 is a punk…. It's sooooo clear to every real one on this earth…. Wack 100 is trying to bite snitch 9 style

  4. Jim you soft
    Stop being tuff
    You got beat up mad times
    So plz I mean plz stop
    Trav u done got powerbombed
    By a crip dude
    On 161 by the E train

  5. So Jim Jones is on tape giving out a direct hit & going into detail about how to do it. Isn’t that conspiracy? That’s felony jail time.
    How did get off of that? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Cali in the Building, Whacc dnt speak for the “LAnd”Trucc Driver turned Piru Classic Weirdo frm Pacoima California. Clout is a Drug & if you dnt be careful you might Overdose 💯💯🍻


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