Samsung Galaxy S21 FE first look: A solid $700 phone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 FE comes with the same processor as the Galaxy S21, a larger screen, and a bigger battery for $100 less than Samsung’s main flagship. It launches on January 11 and seems like a promising option for those looking to spend much less than $1,000 on a new phone. However, the Galaxy S21 FE already faces a lot of competition within Samsung’s own lineup and from other competitors like Google’s Pixel 6.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review: Nothing too surprising here

You can see the products featured in this video here 👇
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Samsung Galaxy S21
Pixel 6
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  1. Samsung is releasing way too many phones. The FE series should be released every other year, not every year. I feel like Samsung's midrange lineups are catching up to the S series or the S series other than the Ultra is downgrading to midrange phones. 🤔

  2. Any phone without expandable storage is garbage Samsung stop f**** up you're taking the consumers For Fools

  3. Can't you get an S20 for half that? And the NEW S22 is coming any time…hmmm…Google Pixel 6 at $100 less as well.

  4. Why would you buy a S21 FE when the actual S21 is going for the same price now with better specs???

  5. Samsung are losing the plot, they charge premium prices but don't bother with improving the user experience anymore. You can pay thousands and they are still removing features and jamming advertising in your face.

  6. Timing is not good. S22 is coming next month. Who care about S21 FE (plastic case, no SD card slot, no charger, no headphone) ?

  7. Sorry Samsung, but this late-to-market S21 iClone FE is pointless. Especially when you can get an S21 for the same price on Amazon and for $570 refurbished. Plus, the S22 is gonna be out soon, making the S21 even cheaper.

  8. Actually, I went and got the s20 FE when I found out the specs for the s21 Fe . No SD card slot , no thanks. No charger , no thanks . The 888 runs hotter and is harder on battery life. It's definitely a downgrade IMO.

  9. Throwing the S21FE under the bus already just to make S22 more appealable to consumers… lame move by Samsung…!!!

  10. why all youtubers uploaded their video about this phone same time? was it coincidental or pre-planned?

  11. This phone needed to be $549-599. Why would you go for this when the model up is likely about to get a price cut and can already be found brand new for the same price or cheaper? This tells me the S22 line is likely going to be more expensive than the S21 phones, which is the opposite of what i think most people were expecting after the Pixel 6 phones came in quite inexpensive for what they offer. Samsung doesn't offer the software and ecosystem experience to lock people in. I don't see anything about this phone that would make someone want to pay $100 more than a Pixel 6 or a Oneplus 9.

  12. They released it too late and too close to the next phone. The only possible argument would be if they added an extra year of support compared to the S21. The 20 FE was a much easier sell. Though I sold it for an iPhone some time after cuz I started missing using those and more consistency 😛

  13. Released way too late; might as well get the normal S21 or the Pixel 6 for that price. Or just wait til the S22 comes out

  14. 1 year old chip with only 6gb ram. WOW !!! Samsung foolishly think US consumers will pay $700 for this instead of $600 Pixel 6 and $800 iPhone 13.

  15. The S21 FE is nicer but the S20 FE is way more better than this phone, I don't know what Samsung wanted to do. You've got more screen plus expandable memory in the S20 FE but however in the S21 FE they dropped it. I think a better upgrade of the Fan Edition series should have had headphone jack, same screen, started at 8 GB of RAM, SD card slot, IR Blaster and people would consider it's a better phone. I'm sorry Samsung at this price, people won't buy it cause they have arguably better options here.

  16. I dont know a single person (non tech youtuber) getting a pixel over a galaxy phone. This is a solid purchase, bad timming though.

  17. The pixel six may have a more premium feel but other than that it’s a flaming pile of crap. At least when you get a Samsung you’re getting a consistent reliable phone


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