Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Unboxing and Hands-on

#GalaxyS21FE #S21FE

Following the success of the Galaxy S20 FE and the Galaxy S21 Series, Samsung is back with the Galaxy S21 FE. In this video I’ll unbox it and tell you what makes it special.

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00:00 Intro
00:42 Unboxing
01:12 Design
02:31 S21 vs S21 FE
03:40 Cameras
05:17 Battery and Charging
06:06 Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE your GadgetMatch?


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  1. i can get one for just $589 here in Malaysia, for the 256GB & 8GB RAM variant, but exynos 2100 though coz we dont get the sd 888 here. got that price after I used my student email which qualifies under samsung Malaysia's education offer. seriously thinking about upgrading from my s20 fe with sd865, i mean the exynos 2100 is a way better chip anyway compared to the sd865.

  2. Would have been perfect if it keeps the micro sd slot and has a headphone jack. The brightness level should be higher too.

  3. Me and my best friend just booked to get the phone. I’m getting the lavender while my friend is getting the white one. Can’t wait to get my hands on my new phone. I’m currently using an iPhone 11 and my friend is using an iPhone 11 Pro Max. But we’re finally switching to Samsung from iPhone.

  4. I think its nice that you get a screen size in between the S21 and S21 Plus with the FE. It goes well in between the 6.2" and 6.7" as a phone with a 6.4" screen. It does not skimp on quality too. I think the distinction here is that the S21 and S21 have plastic backs while the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra have premium materials all around.

  5. The back it looks feels and look cheap. The base model s21 much better than this just add $100 more.

  6. Great video as always! I appreciate that you compared it mostly with the s21 because we are anticipating for the s21's price to drop once the s22 series comes out. By then, we'll have to choose which is better, the s21 flagship or the fan edition. 😊

  7. Great video as always! I appreciate that you compared it mostly with the s21 because we are anticipating for the s21's price to drop once the s22 series comes out. By then, we'll have to choose which is better, the s21 flagship or the fan edition. 😊

  8. I wonder why this channel is so underrated even though you're providing a useful content.

    Imho it's because of how you present yourself in these videos. It feels like you're a presenter, not a friend. You feel professional, and while friendly, you don't feel close to us as your audience

    Adopting a more casual approach like talking to a friend of yours could be better. But that's just my thoughts on this. Idk why I even bring this up in the first place. Great, informative, video as always man

  9. Bought the Galaxy S21+ brand new, unlocked for 670€ a d it's a fantastic device. The Netherlands 🇳🇱
    Forget the Fe . I had the S20fe for 6 days,and brought it back because the camera's where bad. I still have the S10+ and will keep it anyway. 2 fantastic device's. Fe device's are to expensive,and plastic. Not worth to spend so much money for it.

  10. I should have bought the Galaxy S21 FE, but still bought the Galaxy S20 FE because it is far superior deal.

    I'm happy and satisfied with it.

  11. Hi i have a question where someone could support me with. I am currently thinking to buy a galaxy S21 or S21 FE, i have the opporunity to pay the same price for both but the S21 FE also offers the galaxy buds2. So now i am thinking which phone is better. Is The FE a better Phone than the standard S21?

  12. This is not a fan edition phone. It's like samsung just released it for the hell of it. And removed features that fans want.

  13. I think they should release this version in September or October before new processor hype.. now.. Hrmm mybe i wait for s22 line up

  14. By removing features like sd card slot, no charger, and headphone jack, Samsung is turning into Apple and as such pushing people to buy Apple devices over their own products. They've taken away everything that differentiated them and made them unique. By becoming the same as their competitor, there is now no reason to buy their products over the competitor. Sales will continue to decline if they keep chasing the fruit. They need to go back to what made them unique, back to the things that made them SAMSUNG.

  15. The S21fe will sell in markets like South Africa where the price of an S21 is still high and there and there isn’t much variety in midrange flagship killer devices

  16. Sadly, we get the Exynos chip in the PH rather than the Snapdragon. I was thinking of upgrading my dad's samsung S20 with this one but maybe I'll wait for the S22 line-up.

  17. Crazy to me that phones don't come with chargers nowadays🙄 we're paying more money than ever for our phones & somehow getting less

  18. Actually, I went and got the s20 FE when I found out the specs for the s21 Fe . No SD card slot , no thanks. No charger , no thanks . The 888 runs hotter and is harder on battery life. It's definitely a downgrade IMO.

  19. why all youtubers uploaded their video about this phone same time? was it coincidental or pre-planned?


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