45 New Apple Features From WWDC In 14 Minutes

Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference was packed full of interesting announcements. New programs and products spanned from a Racial Equity and Justice Initiative all the way to Apple Silicon, custom processing chips. Other notable announcements included iOS 14, MacOS Big Sur, updates to the iPad and Apple Watch OSs, and significant privacy upgrades across the board. Here are some of the main takeaways from the event.

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45 New Apple Features From WWDC In 14 Minutes

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  1. This is the most serious and most professional company down to the last detail I have no doubt about that

  2. The iPhone is an amazing device, but I would never purchase the latest model due to price. I’m using the 6s Plus until it dies. My next phone will likely be a Sonim rugged phone because it better matches my lifestyle. I know you could get a rugged case for the iPhone, but I don’t really want a phone that does everything. I want a phone to use as a simple phone. If someone text me, I may not reply. If it’s not important enough to make a phone call… you get what I’m saying. If my employer wants me to use internet, then they can buy me a laptop with internet. I don’t really need internet at home. It’s a huge waste of time anyway. I’m an outgoing person. Get out and do something! Rand McNally still sells maps down at the truck stop!!! I don’t need GPS either. Be very careful what you blow your money on, take care.

    Screw Apple pay. Most people don’t make or have enough money to justify having a bank account. Cash is still king!

  3. So basically you can draw and google without leaving your pencil which make the apple keyboard a bit useless. If you want to buy the magic keyboard think twice!

  4. Omg the best featu- what this isn't new its old, what a surprise all these features we have seen before and still they made a video and act like they were the first one and we all remember how bad apple is in making features a look at a apple computer then u know and btw. Why do they always make videos about these little features that don't interest anyone

  5. In 2020 we can scan things to buy them automatically in 2040 we will be able to think about things and buy them automatically 😅

  6. Hey look, more bullshit fluff features designed for millennials to not have to think and for those who live around the bay area. When you command premium prices like Apple hardware does and pull users into a closed system Apple should demand and deliver more of themselves. Apple used to focus on an inch and go a mile with their innovation. Now they focus on a mile and barely go an inch.


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