The Galaxy S22 Ultra is NOT a SUPER phone. And you KNOW it!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is not a super phone, but you area very well aware of what it is. Don’t let other Youtubers make you think this is something that it is not. It is a phone that we have seen before but that’s not a bad thing.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is disappointing?
Samsung has a problem and they better fix it SOON…
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  1. Bruh, your a hater. They've did test. Just because your a Apple fan boy, that tells a few truths about Apple doesn't make you unbiased. It's been many early test, and it's shown to beat Apple in many ways. They have lost their ways in certain points. Same with Apple and that ugly notch. They are both considered Super phones. One is for certain people, and the other is for whoever likes it. It's much better.

  2. Agreed 100%. I just wish they'd give us an Ultra without a stupid integrated s-pen. Samsung should give people choice of Ultra and Note, not combine both. I hate the pen taking up space in my phone instead of increasing battery capacity in that space! I'll pass on this one and wait for a true Ultra, not a phoney Note.

  3. The Note was known as the Swiss army knife of phones & this S22 is a stripped down version that is missing alot of features that the note had…nothing screams ultra to me about this phone.Not impressed at all.

  4. Of course I had to watch your video. I always do. I just left Samsung Android and transitioning to and learning iPhone PRO max .

  5. Being as in love with the note series as you are I am really stoked. I wanted to upgrade the note 9 but waited and they did away with note after 10. I felt crushed, now with the S22 ultra I am a happy camper. Where in the hell would you put an S-pen if you could not dock it inside a phone? Behind your ear? Nope too skinny when you have big ol'ears like me. Pocket? Dont think so sit down and *snap*. Purse of fanny pack? Not for a REAL man… Mines pre-ordered -15 days and counting!

  6. I still have the s10+ 1TB version with 12gb ram from 2019 that I pre-ordered at launch,
    I just reached 500 gb of used memory with 500 gb to go, and I haven't added the 512gb micro sd for more memory yet. When I bought this phone, people said it was overkill, and they laughed At me. Since then, they have been forced to upgrade already because of exhausted memory.
    I think I'll hold out a little longer.

  7. Just got a text from cricket that I need to that s10 plus to a 5G phone. I'm getting the s22 ultra for $876 plus tax with a trade-in with my s10 plus. Is it a good deal?

  8. No #SDCardSlot not interested! I have multiple gopros and I record in a minimum of 4k per video. My phone is my portable digital library. If I wanted limitations and subscription cloud services I would have stayed with Apple! My 512gb SD card is way more valuable to my lifest then any phone 🤷‍♂️

  9. This is the not bad
    Especially like me for old note users(note9)
    That's the real gift for jumping to with new ultra upgraded device right?
    And 0apr+trade
    So I wanna just say thank you Samsung
    Enough for me be better than 21ultra
    👍 Yeah

  10. What happened tomorrow will make me happy because I'm using still note9u and I'm so excited jump to best upgraded note S mixed ultra device with 48 month unlocked with great trade opportunity
    If I'm right
    Samsung did it this time for me

  11. If they would have kept the microSD card slot, than I would have considered the Galaxy S22 Ultra a super phone.

  12. I have not heard or seen anyone call this a "superphone" except for in this video. Is this in some ads, videos, etc. or something that I haven't seen?

  13. Its a super phone because the top premium model has 1TB of storage,16GB of RAM, an AMD GPU!!! Are you kidding?! Ray tracing, and vulcan for emulators are going to be sooo good, and comparable to an asus gaming laptop from 2019, A Qualcom 898, 5 years of updates, and it's literally the newest one U.I version of Android. The camera is going to be phenominal, and lets be honest, the Sline is stronger, tech wise, than the note, but the note looks sexier than the sline, and they did what everyone wanted, the S lineup in a Note Skin! I have the note20ultra, and A s20 ultra. Let me tell you it is a super phone because both devices are vastly different considering chip sets, ram, variable refresh rates, which note doesn't have. The s22ultra is an Sphone with a note skin, and that is fucking epic. The amd chip alone makes the phone bad ass.


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