iOS 12.4.1 Update – What's NEW? JAILBREAK? (HOW TO DOWNGRADE NOW!) iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS 12.4.1 Update – What’s NEW Features? JAILBREAK? (HOW TO DOWNGRADE NOW!) iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iPSW iOS 12.4 Link:

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  1. "✓ This firmware is signed. This means that you can restore to it in iTunes." Still works bruv!!

  2. Tweakbox issnt worknig, none of the apps are downloading and its not some stupid shit like i havent trusted developer or some shit like that just try for your self, chimera as well as all the other apps wont download plz help

  3. While downgrading from ios 13 to 12.4 i got an error and its stuck with a black screen but wont even restore what can i do?

  4. Dude I just updated it 🤦🏽‍♂️ yesterday and I don’t have a damn computer

  5. Bruhhhhhh where a video showing us jailbreakimg on the xr 😂 😂 I need help

  6. My jb got patched 🙁 is there any chance to get it back? I‘m still on 12.4
    Tweakbox etc. dont work

  7. When ai go to the Softwareupdate to disable it.. but it gives a error like „Error finding a Softwareupdate“

  8. Yo I need help I have the file but I don’t know how to put it on my phone I have the evoo windows 11.6

  9. I'm waiting for ios 13 i really don't need the JB!! I use to JB for screen record and dark mode and gaming with a PS4 controller and file manager and all this shit is in ios 13 and the battery life will be awesome without the damn JB

  10. Guys I have an iPhone XR and I’m still waiting anyone know how long I have to wait 😫😫😫

  11. Would you know how to downgrade on Mac OS Catalina beta? Since we don't have iTunes anymore I'm guessing somewhere in finder when we connect our phones… oh and fyi is it me or the sound is a bit high in the bass ? I turned up my phones volume and I can hear it but not well.

  12. Whats the point in jailbreak? I never really found out but was wanting to try it out

  13. What theme/tweaks do you use it looks so clean and I want my phone to look like that please help

  14. Nice video! How do fix a crashing Uncover app? How did you achieve full dark mode for the Safari page?

  15. love ur vids hackspot and im not asking for it but i will
    Bet you cant pin me

    Edit: Yay! i did this cuz im bored but thanks hackspot love you!

  16. when at&t say you have 5g then you read the e at the end


    I dont belive in technology anymore


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