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Starlink for RV– maybe you’re like us and you’ve been dreaming of the day Space X would release Starlink for RV so that you could FINALLY hit the road and truly work from anywhere. We’re digital nomads and our constant headache is finding wifi in remote places so that we can keep our jobs afloat while still traveling. Starlink for RV has made a lot of promises, but today we’re testing out Starlink to see how well we can work from our Sprinter van. Will Starlink be reliable? Will it be fast enough to truly work from anywhere? Join us as we test Starlink in one of America’s most remote locations: the Colorado desert.

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Hey y’all! We’re Chris + Sara (or as you know us, Let’s Be Us), a husband and wife digital nomad travel duo currently working and traveling full time with our pup, Kramer. We’ve always dreamed of traveling full time, and in May of 2018 we took the leap and made it happen! Today we’re balancing work and fun everywhere between the Pacific and Atlantic. From hiking and cycling to tacos and coffee, we’re trying to see and experience as much of this world as we can! While our home is currently on wheels in our DIY Sprinter van, our travels take us all around the world.

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  1. 09:22 – we had an error in the video on the export.. we're sorry! That screen was supposed to tell you how much we paid for our Starlink which was ~$700. Thanks for understanding! 🙂

  2. Check your mobile phone connection's settings to see if you have a Wi-Fi calling feature for your cellular carrier. If yes, you can use your cell phone, over Wi-Fi, to make normal calls. So now you will potentially have access to the internet as well as access to cellular services. Food for thought….that is all!

  3. Those are somewhat respectable speeds considering it seems overcast where you are which can affect performance. I am sold on this. Will come on handy when I have classes and am remote.

  4. Just subscribed…I just moved from CO to Washington a few months ago. Got my starlink about 3 weeks ago, interstellar service!(see what I did there!) One caveat for you guys, Alaska doesn't open until Q1 2023….so out of luck for Alaska until next year, but Summer 2023 Alaska, I may be up there myself. Great channel!

  5. I love my starlink RV! In the desert in Utah I was at 100+ with 12 others in camp using my WiFi , plus still able to stream

  6. We can be a bit away from the walmart store but still get good enough speed then again I have a signal booster

  7. I don't think Starlink didn't think of that, there are some rules you are to abide by and I would think selling the use of your wifi would be against there rules I would check into that,

  8. guys came across your page….we now subscribe to the channel! we are researching wifi options, just like you, we travel and have professional digital demands on our time. Have you noticed any challenges with Starlink in wooded areas? read some reviews that trees have a negative impact on your satellite reception. Loved the video by the way!

  9. So excited to try this out, it's going to completely change van life for us! How long did it take for your to arrive? Looks like you had it shipped to a FedEx location? We are trying to get one shipped to a spot on our route.

  10. Always do a reboot from within the Starlink App on the wifi and the router once a day. That will dramatically help with speeds… Also put the dish into stow mode and then hit un stow once a day and that will also force to dish to find a more preferred satellite which helps the speeds big time. I am in a waitlist area with the RV vesion and my speeds are always up near 70-100Mb download. Get 2-3 mesh units as well…. Huge difference !! AWESOME!!!