DIGITAL NOTE TAKING | best apps (OneNote, Goodnotes), tips, and extensions

I’m sharing some of my ultimate favourite DIGITAL NOTE TAKING apps, tips, and extensions that you need to try on your iPad and/or laptop! I’ll be talking about OneNote, Goodnotes, Word, and so much more!

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Digital Note-Taking Templates PDF:

Advantages to Digital Note-Taking:
My University Experience:
Digital Note Taking (2018):
Digital Note Taking (2019):

*MacBook Pro (latest version):
*iPad Pro (latest version):
*Apple Pencil (latest version):
*iPad — compatible with original Apple Pencil:

(Part of Office 365 Subscription— some schools provide this subscription to students for free, so check with your school before considering a purchase)

Goodnotes (paid app):
Milanote (free & paid version):
Hear me talk more about Milanote here:

*Microsoft Word:
(Part of Office 365 Subscription— some schools provide this subscription to students for free, so check with your school before considering a purchase)

Google Docs:
Google Calendar:
Grammarly (free and paid version):
MyBib (free):
Focused To Do (free and paid):
Weava (free):


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  1. Do you find now after taking notes with iPad that you prefer Apple or your old Lenovo? I’m starting College soon and I’m on a massive budget but my laptop just decided to break

  2. I know I’m months behind on this video but any help would be appreciated. I have both the iPad and Mac. Which app it best if I’m interested in note taking on my iPad and then it can be transferred/ viewable to my Mac once I’m back home from class? Thank you 🙂

  3. Hey Caitlin, at 1:11 it seems as if you`d have several Din-A4 (Papersize) Pages in your one note? Am I right? How did you get this, i´m searching for this mode for a long time. I would be really glad if you could help me! Greets from Germany!

  4. Very good & informative video! For me Goodnotes is the best app for digital notes in my ipad. I also use it to read pdfs, highlight them and writes notes in their margins. I also prepare my long book reviews there and it makes it really easy. Thank you for the video. By the way, good editing, as usual! 👌🏻👍🏻❤️🙏

  5. It's kind of unexpected when a video in 2020 assumed a use of OneNote 2016 instead of OneNote UWP (UWP=Universal Windows Platform; it's newer, free, and has less functionality it seems: for example, lack of page customization options). Just want to point it out, that the templates you mentioned, sadly are not applicable in UWP anymore. And I can't find OneNote 2016 (the one you used) even with 365 subscription. They were replaced by UWP.

  6. OK but does anyone know how to change the pages on OneNote to be the templates instead of the pre-made grid and ruled ones? Help 🤧

  7. when you add in your powerpoints on one note & take notes beside each slide, is there a way to decrease the size of every slide all at once?

  8. As an iPad user for my written notes, I use OneNote! Another nice thing is that they will sync across your devices. So since I also use a laptop for school because I’m a computer science student, it’s nice that it’ll sync with my laptop and even my phone. I do my monthly and weekly planning on OneNote as well which is where it’s useful that I can look at it on my phone too!

  9. Hi, great video i am going into college, i only have the option to get a laptop or an Ipad, what should i get ,bearing in mind i would have to do other stuff on the device as well like practising uckat etc, i love good notes 5 but would i need a laptop for ucat, filling forms and other stuff that i am not really sure about.