This Pixel 4a is Running MIND-BLOWING Android 13!!!!!!!

In this video, I talk about experiencing Android 13 Beta on the Google Pixel 4a.

Android 13 Beta Website –

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Hey #techbararmy
In this video, I talk about experiencing Android 13 Beta on the Google Pixel 4a. This includes bug fixes, new features, privacy improvements, ui changes and the overall experience vs Android 12.

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00:00 Intro
00:06 Enroll for Android 13 Beta
01:14 Performance & Stability
01:35 Notification Permissions
01:55 New Tiles
02:16 New Media Player
02:32 Notification Settings
02:57 Lockscreen Notifications
03:10 Lockscreen Smart Devices
03:20 App Based Languages
03:34 Themed Icons
03:51 Improved Google Search
04:05 Disable Double Line Clock
04:10 Enable Keyboard in App Drawer
04:17 Photo Picker
04:33 Android 13L on Pixel 4a
05:08 Run Full Windows or Linux on Pixel
05:21 Conclusion

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Director: Ayush Pathak
Cinematographer: Jatin, Kashish, Praveenkar & Sumit
Editing: Ayush & Praveen
Content: Parth, Siddharth & Vipul

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  1. Android 12 update ke baad battery hardly 4 hours backup deti hai. After upgrading to 13, any improvement in the battery part?

  2. There's only one problem with pixel 4a running Android 13
    That is the battery drains in 3-4 hours

  3. I am using 2 phones 3a and 4a both on Android 12 working awesome 👍🏽
    No plan to change for next 2 years.
    Will see what Android 15 gives

  4. Bhai please help.. Google pixel 2 Amazon pe 14999 me mil raha hai… Compact lena chahta hun lena sai rahega kya

  5. Bhai half of the "new features" you told us in the video are already running in android 12 of pixel 4 and pixel 3 both.
    It seems your phone's previous software was already outdated.
    P. S. I'm literally using Pixel 3 right now to type this on Android 12 and using half of these "new features"

  6. 4a has me scratching my head for 2 bugs.
    1. When taking photos from withing whatsapp chat. It often takes more than 30 seconds.
    2. It sometimes, suddenly slows down youtube and starts stuttering. Eventually it often crashes the phone.
    Other than these, I love the phone

  7. After 'Android 13' launch,
    What will be top features of "Android 14" ?
    🤔 😀😀😀😀

  8. bhai, toggle double line clock to android 12 me bhi hai
    mere pixel 5 me ek bug youtube me hota h, fullscreen se exit karta hu to back button home button wala bar nahi aata, ek baar phone lock karke unlock karne pe aata hai, thats irritating.
    fir abhi scrolling itna smooth bhi nahi h even on 90 hz

  9. Sir latest headphone 🎧 and Earbuds konse company ka lai under Rs 2000 of boat company and others company

    Please make a video on this topic

  10. Tum sare techyoutubers isse pahle claim karre thhe ki Android 13 mai multiple e sim hoga wuska kya ?

  11. Bro crack apps not working in Android 13 beta pixel 5a. I am getting out of Android 13 beta

  12. Clicked this only to find out i won't understand shit from the language he is using! 😖😣

  13. Weak processor????
    I'm literally getting stable 55-60 fps in PUBG in hotdops in SD 712g…..lmao lol


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