Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Samsung Smart Switch Screwed Up

In this video I’ll be discussing how the data transfer went from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Thank all of you for watching!!!!


  1. Hey Ace bro you can go into settings and change that so you dont have to physically push that power button for fingerprint recognition,,,,under biometrics go to fingerprints and toggle fingerprints always on and then you dont have to physically push the button. Hope this helps bro!

  2. My wallpaper and icons did not transfer over. I have quite a few live wallpapers that I paid for. Do you know how to fix this or do I need to call Samsung?

  3. Not a fan of crazy big cellphone try the S.pen on it I have the Samsung galaxy S21 ultra 5G with the S.pen Pro it's crazy fast with the new update we can do more with it…