Tesla Model 3 how to Install OBD Link Mx+ For your Apple Device

The Tesla On Board Diagnostics Connector
If you are an Apple user you would not have been able to do this mod until now. So today I’m going to install the OBD plug to my Tesla. Almost all new cars have the OBD socket fitted ready, except the Tesla Model 3, so I’ll have to use a kit which consists of a male and female socket harness with an OBD socket connected. Tthere are two types: 2018 onwards and before then.
For 2019 and above I will add the links to all of the equipment used at the end of the article. In order to fit the new cable you must turn off the car and leave it off for 8 minutes making sure that you don’t accidentally power the car by the driver’s front seats or by opening a door. If the car is powered while you do this you could cause severe damage. After 8 minutes separate the two plugs found below the centre console. I used some plastic pry tools to remove the housing that just pops open. Then you need to separate the the two plugs by pressing the small lever. Once separated you can install the new lead, pushing the surplus cable in the slot so you can close the lid, making sure the OBD fits between the seat for ease of use.

Once connected you will see a green LED and blue flashing LED (that’s the Bluetooth indicator) and by pressing the little black button on the left (this is Bluetooth pairing mode) the enable LED will flash and you can go to your Bluetooth menu. See OBD and connect download two apps scan my tesla Teslax both will display useful info on your phone ??????.

In part two I will show all the functions you can look at.

The trim removal tool I used

The leads your need I got them from here
Mine was The 2019 it is the bigger connected part number :-

This link allows you to get lead older than 2018:-

The OBD I used you can get it here:-
ScanTool OBDlink MX+ Bluetooth OBD-II Diagnostic Tool for iPhone/iPad/iOS/Android and Windows

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  1. With this plug your be able to see. over 2000 operation if there something you want to see I'll Add in part 2 thanks for watching and subscribing

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