How to Jailbreak PS3 – Video Tutorial 2014 – 3.55 OFW to 4.70 CFW [HD]

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Hey guys and welcome to my new video. Today i want to show you how to jailbreak your Sony playstation 3 ( PS3 ) . This does not work on the Playstation 4 ( PS4 ) .

Currently there is no Jailbreak for the PS4 , and only PS3´s with a OFW of 3.55 or below are jailbreakable.

Also the new super slim is currently NOT jailbreakable.

Download Links:

CFW & OFW (until 4.65 )

CFW comparison :

PS3 hacking guide :

Written Tutorial :

Q: What can a jailbroken Playstation 3 system do?
A: When a PS3 is jailbroken, it allows the use of installing package files, which can range from Emulators or programs that allow you to install free games from a black market marketplace. You can also mod games such as Call of Duty , download free movies with the removal of Cinavia, which disallowed the downloading of movies onto the system after 3.10 , and run FTP clients, and much more!

Q: Can I jailbreak 4.70 ?
A: You can in a sense. You must downgrade first, and in order to downgrade you must have had a console on 3.55 at one time. Super slims cannot be jailbroken.
Q: I have the E3 Installed an downgraded, what’s the next step to get online?
A: To get online you use a spoof, which in retrospect, makes your system think it’s on the current version, but isn’t.

One common question I find on here time and again is “Can I jailbreak my PS3?” The answer is simple. You MUST be on version 3.55, and you MUST have 2 PS3 consoles, just to make this easier on yourself. Some PS3 slim models will not be able to be downgraded, so please refer to the Next Steps part, and check the compatibility there. To check your current version, on the XMB Main screen navigate to Settings-System Settings-System Info. The “System Version” is where your current version will be. Consoles that have not at one time been on 3.55 cannot be jailbroken either. So, if you bought a PS3 from Walmart and it came out of the box on 3.60, your out of luck. You may also check the requirements here.

The USB Step:

In order to jailbreak, download the CFW, and plug in your USB flash drive. In your flash drive, right-click and format your flash drive to FAT32. Once that is done, go into your USB, and create a new folder. Name this folder “PS3” without the quotations. Inside the PS3 folder, create a folder called “Update” without the quotations. In this folder, you should place the PS3UPDATE.PUP, which is found in the download for the Kmeaw 3.55 download. You can now safely eject your USB, and plug it into your PS3.



Just follow the steps shown in the Video :- )

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  1. Guys , THOUSANDS of PS3 PKG Selfbootable games available on @t

    (TurboGraphx exemple : hxxps://@t replace xx with tt )
    NOTE from the uploader : "This will be the last time I upload this collection. So make sure you seed otherwise it will be lost forever."

  2. Is this still working?? 2019 i want a jailbroken ps3 i was going to buy i ready jailbroken one but its cheaper to my a ofw one and do it my self

  3. well, one question, when i flash the ps3 does the flash goes to the ps3 or the disk drive? i mean i already have a ps3 flashed and i want to change it's drive disk so should i re-flash it or not

  4. You IDIOTS the only way to jailbreak is to downgrade to 3.55 and install the CFW via Storage Media update however, you can get modded backups and use those but the jailbroken homebrew wont work I have REBUG RE 4.70 and haven't been banned in 2 years because I wipe my history with PSNINJA and spoof it with PSN PATCH 4.70

  5. Can someone provide me the download link for 3.55 OFW? I can't find it anywhere…

  6. Finally after a long time I find a tutorial where I understand how to hack my ps3, thank u very much!

  7. if I already have a jailbroken device and I reset the whole consol will it delete the previous jailbreak? if so when I download this one and say I download a piratebay game will it work?

  8. Can somebody please give me a working link for REBUG DEX 4.80.1? The actual jailbreak, not the update.

  9. Techmagnet Okay thanks….any link to download rogero downgraded 3.55 cfw please?

  10. Techmagnet please does this works for slim ps3 with 4.70 ofw?need answers thankz.

  11. why anybody has been able to break systems above 3.55 should i wait or just buy a fat model its been 6 years since 3.55 launch

  12. If any one wants there ps3 downgraded to 3.55 rogero the. Up to rebug 4.80 with gta 5 and gta 5 mod menu i can do it im 100 legit if u go straight through me i can make it cheaper or u can check out my ebay ad and its a little more exspensive this jb will give u full control of ur console u will now be able to copy games in multiman play unasigned code i also turn up the fan speeds and apply thermal paste for more questions email me @ [email protected]

  13. If i already got 4.30 CFW, and i want to update.. do i have to downgrade it to 3.55 OFW again?


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