Install Rickpactor Tweaked Apps & Games iOS 14 / 13 / 12 NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad iPod

How To Install Rickpactor Sign Tweaked Apps & Games iOS 14 / 13 / 12 NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad iPod Touch – Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

Watch the video everything Is visually shown.
Updated Now supports iOS 14

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NEW 2021 Install Tweaked Apps & Games iOS 14 +
NO Computer

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  2. hey guys ive used the rickpactor it was great now when i wanna down load another app and its taking a long time pls pls reply

    is this normal


  3. Does push notifications and icloud backup work with WhatsApp Watusi using this method to install

  4. I'm at save configuration but I keep getting this problem " an error occurred when we tried to attach free account to your device" any help appreciated.

  5. hey im having an issue where rickpactor is not able to attach the free account. Please help.

  6. appdb – Are the video steps still valid? This workflow seems to have changed. I am not getting any email with QR codes after linking my iPhone to Control via PC Browser

  7. Hey Dino, I used the method outlined in this video to try and download an app, and I got all the way to the end without any issues but as soon as i click 'install via Rickpactor', I get this message on the rickpactor window: 

    'Error: The download of 87c9e1ccfadff9fa5d9bc40ca60d0489.ipa was interrupted We have displayed log below' (and the log is blank)

    Do you know why this could have happened? If so how do I fix it? Would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks.

  8. followed your vid, but can't turn off two-factor authentication …there is no option in security (in either the phone or apples web app) to turn it off (& no enrollment email to un-enroll)

  9. Rickpactor does not offer h3lix there is only double h3lix pls i need h3lix for my iphone! Is there any other way?

  10. I'm not sure if this video is still relevant but when i try to install chimera or uncover it just says signing nill or failed unable to sign and that it encountered an error is there anyway i can just get chimera? I have sileo already i just need chimera to activate it

  11. Well it still works. Thats a good thing. I just wanted to play life is strange and i can download it. TY bro

  12. THANK YOU BRO!! It worked! I restated my phone and my jailbreak went away and I couldn’t find a way to download a working version of unc0ver again because all it would do was crash when I attempted to open it. None of the alternative AppStores were working. And Cydia Impactor doesn’t work on Windows right now sadly. Thank you so much!

  13. Hi, does anyone know is there any way that can support IOS13.3.1 device? HELP!! Thanks.

  14. Hi I have iPhone xs max IOS 13.1.2, does Rickpactor still work? Will it work on my iPhone? Or is it already a REVOKE?

  15. BEST METHOD BY FAR… coming from Android was worried about the constant revoked but with this have had my apps working for two weeks 👍👍

  16. If we can install cydia apps, does it mean we can install filza and have dolphin workin for us non jail broken devices?

  17. Hey sorry I know it says 13,12 and 11 but does anyone know it has a jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1? Please if anyone knows

  18. Thank you for passing along this information. I subscribed soley because of this video.

    Verifying my apps every time I wanted to use it was so annoying. 💪🏼💯


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