Why you MUST Jailbreak your Nintendo Switch (UNPATCHED CFW)

In this video I talk about what Nintendo Switch you should buy in 2021. Forget the Switch Lite, forget the switch pro – get an original second hand unpatched Nintendo Switch.

Reddit link to ports:

Note: Rewire is the original author of this video, we just embed it, if you have any questions please contact him via Youtube.


  1. Wow. You are incredibly handsome. Now I feel like a creep. I'm trying to focus on the subject, but you've got beautiful eyes. Eyebrows, cool beard. Such a nice voice too.
    AND he knows how to mod a Switch and get cfw onto it!? I need to meet a man like you. Reading this comment back, it sounds a bit sarcastic but I promise it's not. I mean it from my heart.
    Damn. Goals. Tell your gf / wife to watch out, you're a catch!

  2. I believe that when the switch is discontinued like the 3ds, we will not only be able to play switch games for free but many other titles of games that are hard to come by on the go like sonic unleashed.

  3. Thanks for sharing bro!!! Didn’t know my old switch could do all of this was thinking about getting the new OLED one but I may just have to hang on to this one or else sell this one to somebody and buy the OLED one

  4. I just want to back up my saves to an SD card, now I'm hunting a shop that does modded Switch OLEDs next time I go to Thailand. Its insane how greedy and stupid Nintendo is, I just want safe save files; cloud saves are not safe. One day Nintendo will shut the cloud saves down, they won't even leave your data on their servers for 6 months as it is. Then you are just screwed.

  5. I actually have one of those switches that were made upon it's release. Currently i own that and an up-to-date Switch Lite. I have been meaning to see if i can hack my old Switch and see what i can get out of it. However i do not want to risk the loss of it's online calabilities or possible banning until I am able to get a new Switch. (most likely an Oled when my current area stocks back up on them)

    I do thank you for this video so that i know what to look forward to when I do get around to jailbreaking it! ^

  6. I've been looking for a list of community ports for the Switch, so thanks for that, it's helped me out a lot.
    I just wanted to address a couple of points you raised (even though that a solid year has passed and you're either aware of the mistakes or you've moved on!). So, 1) anyone looking for an unpatched Switch needs at least the first 9 characters of the console's serial number to confirm that it is exploitable, and there are sites which can tell you whether a system has been patched or not. Using the manufacturing year or the box style as a barometer to determine a systems suitability for jailbreaking isn't wise at all;
    and 2) just beacuse you own a game doesn't mean that you can legally download a copy of it from the internet. In fact that's not legal at all! You CAN dump the contents of a cartridge that you own to the SD card or system memory to play on the system, and you can even copy the files to a PC and use them with an emulator, but YOU have to be the one to dump it, you have to own the game, and you can't share it. There are many instances where I believe "piracy" is justified, and imo once a system reaches end of life and games are no longer in print the door's wide open, but don't tell folks they can do something with impunity when this is completely false and can land them in some hot water.
    Anyway, thanks again for the list.