SA report: Apple iPhone is the phone with the highest repeat purchase willingness among Chinese consumers, followed by vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi, etc.

News from IT Home, June 15 The latest research by Strategy Analytics shows that 70% of Chinese buyers who plan to buy a new mobile phone in the next 6 months are willing to buy a brand new smart phone with a good evaluation and a reasonable price. Only half of Chinese smartphone users agree that their current smartphones can meet almost all their needs.

The Strategy Analytics report “China’s Smartphone and Consumer Electronics Purchase Plan” found that although Chinese consumers are very willing to accept new technologies, they are not particularly satisfied with their current experience.

IT Home was informed that the report also found:

  • 35% of high-end smartphone users will change their phones in the next 6 months.

  • 5G is a must, and 90% of users expect their next smartphone to be a 5G phone.

  • Only half of Chinese smartphone users agree that their current smartphones can meet almost all their needs. Apple is clearly the leader in this regard.

  • The repeat purchase intentions of vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi in China are 17-21 percentage points lower than that of Apple.

Strategy Analytics pointed out: “Among a series of consumer electronics products and services, Chinese consumers have the lowest brand loyalty, and smartphones are no exception. 70% of respondents who plan to purchase high-end devices in the next 6 months Of people will consider trying a new brand. It’s difficult to win customers for the first time, but it’s more challenging to retain customers.

Strategy Analytics commented: “As far as smartphones are concerned, Apple’s iPhone is the most likely to repeat purchases by Chinese consumers, while vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi are lagging behind. Manufacturers need to understand their products, technologies, distribution and Which factors in the entire procurement process are restricting shortcomings.”

Strategy Analytics also stated: “China is one of the world’s largest and most volatile smartphone markets. The replacement cycle of smartphones in the Chinese market is still one of the lowest in the world, and 40% of the people did it less than 9 months ago. I bought a brand new smartphone. There is always an opportunity to grab market share from a competitor. Market leadership may change in a quarter or two. Anticipating changing consumer demand is crucial.

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