Rumors of the sixth-generation iPad mini: it has become more square and stronger

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The iPad Mini5 is out of the box, and the moment I open the box, I feel very happy
play iPad Mini 5th generation unpacked, the moment I opened the box, I felt very happy, forward and backward

Sina Digital News reported on the morning of July 21, foreign media 9to5Mac reported that their sources believe that Apple will launch a new generation of iPad mini in the fall. This will be a major facelift, and the appearance and chip of the mini 6 will be upgraded.

According to them, Apple’s sixth-generation iPad mini will be similar to the iPad Air’s design, that is, the shape has changed, and it will also include other changes, such as a magnetic smart connector and a USB-C interface.

Rumored that the sixth-generation iPad mini will be a big updateRumored that the sixth-generation iPad mini will be a big update

9to5Mac believes that the product codenamed “J310” will also use the A15 chip. If true, this will make the iPad mini have the same chip and performance as the “iPhone 13” series.

But it is not the only A15 chip product. Sources believe that Apple is developing a more powerful “A15X” for other iPad models.

In terms of connectivity, its Lightning port is finally going to bid farewell to USB-C, which has been mentioned in previous rumors. The introduction of the magnetic smart connector will also align the iPad mini with the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Apple clearly plans to introduce compatible accessories for smaller tablets, such as magnetic keyboards.

Previous rumors about the iPad mini speculated that its size is similar to the previous model, but the screen is larger, between 8.4 inches and 9 inches, there is no home button, but the power button + Touch ID, and improved speakers.

There have been rumors that there is a shorter Apple Pencil 3There have been rumors that there is a shorter Apple Pencil 3

In addition, this product should be able to support the second-generation Apple Pencil, but some people have speculated that according to its size, the smaller “Apple Pencil 3” is its choice.

The report source also claimed that there will be a new entry-level iPad, code-named “J181”. The product will be upgraded from A12 to A13 chip and is expected to be an entry-level product.

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