Some users report scratches on the Apple iPhone 12 screen


According to a foreign media CultofMac report, Apple said that the super-ceramic display of the iPhone 12 has 4 times the drop resistance. However, within a few days of the arrival of the first iPhone 12 and 12 Pro phones, some users complained of scratches on the screen.

▲Screen scratches on the T-Mobile demo machine▲Screen scratches on the T-Mobile demo machine

So what is going on here? The super-ceramic display is a hardened glass material with an innovative crystal structure, but it is not impossible to be scratched.

MKBHD, a well-known Youtube digital channel, mentioned this problem in his iPhone 12 evaluation, saying that after just a few days, his new iPhone screen showed some scratches.

MKBHD also mentioned,That is, scratch resistance is often inversely proportional to shatterproof protection, The softer the thing, the less likely it is to break, but the easier it is to scratch. On the other hand, a hard display may be more resistant to scratches, but it is more fragile when dropped.

IT Home understands that there are other reviews that indicate different situations. The evaluation of the YouTube channel MobileReviewsEh shows thatThe new iPhone 12 is more resistant to drops and scratches than the iPhone 11.

Therefore, the scratch resistance of the iPhone 12 series remains to be seen.

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