Class action proceedings over screen problems on MacBook Pro settled by Apple’s victory


In a class action against the MacBook Pro’s backlight becoming like stage lighting, the US Court of Appeals (9th Circuit) has ruled to acknowledge Apple’s allegations.

Settled in 2020 class proceedings

The original class action was filed in August 2020, and Apple was aware that the 13-inch MacBook Pro released between 2016 and 2017 was prone to screen glitches, but hid it. I suspected that it was, and was suing the company.
Specifically, due to a cable defect, dim spots appeared on the screen of the MacBook Pro, and the display became like stage lighting and could not be used, so it was commonly called “flex gate”.

I couldn’t show evidence that I was hiding

However, plaintiffs could not show evidence that Apple was concealing the matter, and in July 2021, the proceedings were dismissed by the US District Court. After that, he appealed this ruling, but this time it was dismissed again, and Apple won the case.
The Court of Appeals is obliged to disclose the issue in light of the district court’s ruling that Apple has no obligation beyond extending the repair program because it was a problem that became apparent to some users after the warranty period expired. I gave the view that there is no such thing.
In fact, iFixit has found that a cable that is too thin integrated with the display is the cause of the flexgate, and Apple started a repair program for the 13-inch MacBook Pro (2016 model) in 2019.
Source: AppleInsider

Source: iPhone Mania

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