Jennifer Lawrence to Debut Movie ‘Causeway’ on Apple TV+


Of course, Apple has been investing in the ranch Apple TV+ of its streaming video platform, which is certainly impressive. It’s rare for a week when we don’t have news about a new movie or series that Apple is buying to add to its audiovisual catalog.

Just today, it just announced that Apple TV+ has received a film called Causeway Bay (currently not translated) starring Jennifer Lawrence. It will be released simultaneously on platforms and commercial theaters this Christmas.

Apple TV+ just announced today in the platform’s press room on its website that its film studio, Apple Original Films, has acquired the rights to a new film starring Jennifer Lawrence.

In this announcement, they explained that Apple has completed the new film “Causeway” starring and producing Jennifer Lawrence. The film comes from the famous A24 studio, directed by Leila Neugebauer, who will also direct a film called “Red, White and Water” with Lawrence himself. Apple has said the film will be released in theaters and on its streaming service later this year.

According to the press release, Causeway is an intimate portrayal of a soldier struggling to adjust to life after returning to New Orleans. There is no doubt that Lawrence is now a very popular actress. He has recently appeared on the big screen in several films, including “Don’t Look Up,” “Silver Thread,” “American Hustle,” and a few TV movies. X-Men.

Apple explained that Causeway will premiere on Apple TV+ and in theaters at the end of the year, around the Christmas date, without specifying an exact release date. Well, we’ll be keeping an eye out for new news about its final premiere date.