Is it for Apple’s MR device? LG and SK Hynix form business alliance for micro OLED development

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Korean media ET News reported that LG Display and SK Hynix are considering a business partnership in the development of micro organic EL (OLED) displays.

Production line maintenance for shipment in 2025?

Micro OLED displays are rumored to be included in Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headsets, with Sony’s display in the first generation product and LG Display’s product in the second generation product. Rumor has it.
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expected the first-generation MR headset to be announced in January 2023, and the second-generation product to be announced in 2025.

It is pointed out that semiconductor manufacturing technology is necessary for pixel size miniaturization

ET News reports that the business partnership between LG Display and SK Hynix is ​​related to the development and manufacturing of micro OLED displays.
Regarding the reason for the business alliance between the two companies, ET News said that the pixel size of micro OLED displays is much smaller than OLED displays, so semiconductor manufacturing technology is essential, but LG Display does not have it, so SK Hynix and others are in that field. He said that cooperation with specialized companies is essential.

Source: ET News
Photo: Apple Hub/Facebook

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