Mega action: ECOVACS vacuum robot + FREE suction station (value: €259)

DEEBOT logoIt takes time, makes noise and you could do it several times a day: for many, vacuum cleaning is one of the most annoying tasks in the household. At least we haven’t met anyone who likes to do it. Fortunately, you can delegate the tiresome work to a smart vacuum cleaner robot that always keeps the floors and carpets in your own four walls clean.

A particularly good vacuum robot that knows how to vacuum and wipe floors is the DEEBOT T9 AIVI from ECOVACS. This has already been awarded the test rating “Very Good” several times and has the most modern features for perfect cleaning of hard floors and carpets. As part of a promotional campaign on Amazon, you are currently getting the right suction station (current price: €259.00) for free when you buy the vacuum robot. The offer is only valid for a short time!

ECOVACS DEEBOT T9 AIVI – top vacuum robot with wiping function

Most people agree that vacuuming is no fun. Therefore, in today’s accessory tip, we would like to recommend a little helper to all vacuum cleaner muffles that takes over the tiresome duty and ensures shiny floors at home. What is meant is the DEEBOT T9 AIVI from the ECOVACS brand (current price: €539.00), which offers excellent cleaning results thanks to its integrated wiping function, laser technology, super-strong suction power and all sorts of technical refinements. But one after anonther.

The biggest sticking point when using vacuum robots are usually objects that are on the floor or lying around there. Starting with chairs, tables and carpets to cables, socks, bags and children’s toys. The list of things in the house that can block the robot’s path and hinder optimal cleaning is quite long. The vacuum robot from ECOVACS has no problem with this, because thanks to the intelligent and AI-supported AIVI 2.0 detection technology, the vacuum cleaner identifies 15 different objects, including human “obstacles”, and can thus reliably avoid them.

DEEBOT image

So that the DEEBOT can move precisely in the house or apartment, it creates a 3D map of the interior using the integrated camera and relies on the latest laser technology. The robot can cope with any type of floor and, thanks to the built-in wiping function, also removes stubborn stains. The vacuum robot relies on electrical oscillation wiping (“OZMO Pro 2.0”), which loosens the dirt with 480 vibrations per minute. With a suction power of 3000 Pa and the special double brush construction, the device also reliably removes dirt from carpets. Practical: To prevent hair or cables from getting tangled in the device – a common problem with vacuum robots – rubber brushes automatically rotate backwards.

DEEBOT pic 2

Other highlights include a long battery life of 200 minutes, the option of displaying the live camera image from the vacuum robot in the corresponding ECOVACS HOME app on the iPhone, and using the robot to communicate with other people in the household using the two-way voice communication system be able.

Incidentally, the DEEBOT made a very positive impression on the product testers from and connect. They recently gave the mechanical household helper an excellent testimonial with the test result “Very Good”. And the previous buyers on Amazon are also enthusiastic: the ECOVACS vacuum robot can currently claim an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 455 ratings.

Secure a suction station worth €259 for free

As I said, a promotional campaign is currently running on Amazon, where you can get the right suction station for the vacuum robot for free. This ensures that the DEEBOT is automatically emptied after vacuuming, so you don’t have to empty the dust container manually every time. Normally the station costs €259.00. When you order the ECOVACS DEEBOT T9 AIVI, you will currently receive it as a gift. The offer is valid until September 25, 2022, so it’s worth being quick.

DEEBOT + suction station

To do this, go to the “Promotion Available” button at the bottom of the relevant product page in the Amazon app on iPhone. On the computer, on the other hand, you scroll down to the “Notices and Actions” section, where you click on the said button. On the next page, go to the top of the first promotion and click “Add both to cart”. You can then go to the virtual checkout as usual to complete the purchase.

Amazon promotion

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