UnSub: New Generation Anti-Jailbreak Detection and Prevention Substrate Loading Tool

UnSub is the latest plugin that can have dodge jailbreak detection and prevent Substrate loading. This is the latest tool that can integrate Flash Jailbreak detection and anti-plugin loading. If you happen to be unable to open the app properly, maybe this Tools can help you.

UnSub New Generation Anti-Jailbreak Detection and Prevention Substrate Loading Tool

You can think of UnSub as a  plug-in for Liberty Lite and JailProtect , but this jailbreak plugin will cause conflict with Liberty Lite , causing UnSub to become ineffective, or even stuck directly when the app is opened. Can only be forced to only enable one of them.

According to the actual test of Mr. Mad , I found that this anti-Jailbreak plugin is not as effective as Liberty Lite. For example, Yushan Bank can evade jailbreak through Liberty Lite, but switching to UnSub will be invalid. It was detected that the jailbreak, of course, even the most powerful Chinese trust is also flashing. It can be seen that the excellent part of UnSub is only the integration of functions, but the escape jailbreak mechanism is not comparable to Liberty Lite, it is still just an ordinary anti-jail plugin.

However, by turning off Gogoro in Disable tweak injection in apps, it is really possible to prevent Substrate from loading, and the JailProtect effect can be achieved as well.

Also note that in the iOS 11 environment, only “Disable tweak injection in apps” can be implemented to prevent Substrate loading. As for the “Bypass jailbreak detection (experimental)” option, it will only appear on iOS 12.

In fact, I still prefer to use Liberty Lite , unless the author can make the two plug-ins coexist in the subsequent changes without conflict, otherwise the plug-in will not perform very well.


  • Only support iOS 11 ~ iOS 12 jailbreak users, if there is no jailbreak, please refer to this iOS JB teaching and skills

Install UnSub teaching through a software source

Step 1 . New software source “”, if not published software source new skills

Step 2. ▼Cydia Search for “UnSub” and install it . If you can’t find the plugin, please refer to this . (Author: Nepeta , software source: Nepeta repo)

Install UnSub teaching through a software source

Step 3.   Click “Confirm” to install. After installation, click “Restart SpringBoard”.

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