Sniper Progress from Day 1 to Day 30 using Sniper in Cod Mobile! Here is the results!

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  1. I dont think I have been working hard because I did more than 30 days and still stucks🤣💀

  2. Outlaw is fastest for quickscoping.
    But you must shot at upper body for killing at 1 shot

  3. Dude when the 20 days of being a sniper is easy no more customize settings just normal settings

  4. Thats how i learn sniping because you are teach me how to learn snipes😊😊, good video

  5. Im practicing by hitting headshot with ebr or xpr 🙂 and it did improve my sniping

  6. the dl q33 ( i think thats what it is) is good it can almost one shot every time

  7. a year ago I was really good at using an sniper and an knife my phone has been broke a year ago now I'm using a low end tablet cuz it was a cheaper one I could buy but I forgot that's it has 1 gig of ram so sucks to be me

  8. Tbh i’m good at sniper but not anymore bc i stop playing call of duty for like 1 year

  9. Its currently my day 5 i am still tryn to master trigger discpline and the shorty

  10. Everyone skin doesn’t Matter if you have skin is not that mean that your good its just a skin

  11. I went from using a 3x scope on locus to consistently hitting shots while knife switching in only 18 days


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