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  1. Xingqiu Mains: Hey bro, do this atack cryo please
    Chongyun Mains: yes bro
    *friendly noises*

  2. #GIM
    Sucrose: the shy alchemist 👉👈
    Rosaria: the emo nun 😶
    Jean: the mondstadt protecter 🖐
    Klee: the one who has explosives 💥💣
    Lisa: the one who electrocutes random drunkards at the tavern

  3. 1:19
    Technically Signora's not a Cryo. We never see her with a Vision, so if you want to elementalize her, her element is Delusion

  4. #GIM
    hu tao exists
    GI characters : and i took that personally
    hu tao: i just wanna be friends whith beidou :,)

  5. 1:13
    Well Xiao: 小 does mean "short" in chinese. 😀
    Although in chinese Xiao has the character 魈 meaning: Elf or demon

  6. 2:47
    Me who has a Chibi Venti throw pillow that she hugs as she falls asleep: Ehehehe…
    glances around nervously

  7. *Me after seeing Hu Tao attack leaks today.

    Aww guess she's coming out after all😂 Haters gonna keep saying shes a leak

  8. #GIM

    barbara: lord barbados please forgive me the holy lire is broken
    venti: i forgive you
    barbara: what?
    venti: what?

  9. 4:12 Funnily enough, that's what happened to me when I can only pull three times, and she's my first 5*.

    Never contend with a man who's got nothing to lose.

  10. uess im a madlad noelle is my main dps with amber as my sub dps but i also use amber as a main dps 🙂 yall should be scared i do over 140 dmg on a dps hit with amber on a 3*bow (r 5)

  11. for a moment i thought hu tao was fake until I remember ber that the characters have an opinion about her

  12. Bruh why people acting like XIAO is not here this is XIAOS update not no lantern rite it’s YOUR rite to be in his presence

  13. me who wants hu toa: Hu toa doesn't get released in 1.3 me o thank god. Ganyu and qiqi with all my primogems kekw

  14. #GIM

    (1.3 update)
    Keqing: you guys should be grateful I'm the one that come out. Imagine there's a 4 star character banner.
    Albedo: are you kidding me? They only pull my banner for the 4 star and not me!
    Keqing: umm.. maybe there's one…

  15. "Razor mains hate Chongun"

    Me: Pfft, speak for yourself! More Super-charged for me!

  16. The 10 mains is so true… My mains:
    Xingqiu, Chongyun Fischl, Diluc, Albedo, Beidou, Sucrose, Aether, Jean, Ningguang

  17. as a person that mains fischl oh boy does she do damage like im here with my 3 4 5 thousand damage and i love her best girl in genshin no cap

  18. Me while using Beidou: HIT ME B*TCH!
    Hilichurl hits too late
    Me: F*CK YOU.
    Takes out Xingqiu and Kaeya
    Me: You shall now freeze until you hit me


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