Best F2P Ways to Get Combat Rating! How Long Does it Take? | Diablo Immortal

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Intro: 0:00
How to Get CR: 0:33
Gear Upgrades: 1:25
Legendary Items: 3:57
Set Items: 4:46
Conclusions: 11:30


  1. Did you mention to keep up your challenge rifts ?, so you get the gear appropriate to your level. Lvl 30 for hell 2 gear and so forth, otherwise like me spending 3 days grinding for nothing lol, wasn't getting better gear because of this fact.

  2. I've been farming plains of torment for 2 days now granted I've just only got into paragon lvls and I haven't seen 1 legendary drop plains I've done it by myself and joined a group that was farming and I still had no luck is it just cause the chance of it or is that low cause I farmed 4 their hours straight yesterday and didn't receive a single legendary

  3. Great info. I'm running as F2P as I can (love me that battlepass⚔🥰), so the 5 star gems are totally random… if at all, so I'm struggling abit with my main account <Sand Scorpion server – Hravn in Umbra Shadow Clan> as i rushed it a bit. Alt account <Star of Azkarinth server – WarriorDave in Unforgiven Clan> is levelling up quickly with the boost. started at level 5 and am now at Paragon 1 after 48 hrs of grind and storyline finish. Nice to see a clear distinctive explanation of the differences between F2P and P2W investment time costs. i enjoy playing this game with my GF and its fun as F2P so all these tips and advice goes miles to help.
    keep up the awesome content!

  4. Blizzard need to do this now for f2p players for hard-core. The gap is tremendous between p2w and f2p. It is just ridiculous how the game is running for many of f2p…there need to be have better drops of legends and legendary gems. The drops are next to nothing no matter how many rift runs you do.

  5. Veiled shot, you mentioned you had a free to play account, why not show that account when making these “free to play” videos? Certainly you have to understand that when you were doing those heavy grind sessions it was with your pay to win gems equipped.

    You have to get that those gems help you farm faster and in more difficult areas. Simply removing the gems to show off the gear you acquired with the help of the pay to win gems is not a true comparison.
    Better gear helps. Farming longer helps. But having gems that allows you to farm those difficult zones easily allows you to get that gear and makes long grind sessions a breeze.

  6. You said we need to invest time to get gear upgrades but I don't think this is true. I'll give you my example.. I'm 100+ paragon with only 2019 CR whereas I have seen players having 90ish paragon with 2200+ CR. And I don't even claim my battlepass coins to farm paragon. Its just pure grinding( monstrous essence, dungeons, contracts etc.) and I'm not getting upgrade for my gears, Why? I'm still stuck at H2 and need 100+ CR to get into H3. Still don't know how I'm gonna get that much of CR since there are no upgrades drop from the game. FRUSTRATED😵‍💫😵

  7. I don't know why keep getting this as recommended videos. I am not subscribed and I find this information to be incorrect. This is just some random guy given his opinion which isn't very good. I really don't want to see these recommendations from this trash channel any more

  8. Great video. I wish Blizzard did something for most of the casual players who play solo or enjoy playing it that way, certainly some quests are needed to be done in groups and I think it's perfectly fine. However, I grinded all by myself up to paragon 105 and my current CR is only 2.2k, I still remember spending hours trying to clear small elites in hell 2 the first time and slowly getting better gear while other people get carried by their p2w friends so they end up with better stuff.

    Idk if I'm just unlucky, but finally after farming for while in hell 3 I've been upgrading my old legos with poor stats.

  9. While in theory what you said makes sense, but in practice not quite as much. I was doing the F2P grind while I was playing (quit the game now), with the basic free gems. I was at or higher than the server paragon level for the most part, and I found myself lower in combat rating then the required. For example, when I hit paragon 30, I found myself about 200 combat rating below the the H2 CR requirement, meaning I was not able to farm H2 at all. It took me and my friend a few days of farming to even catch up to the appropriate CR. The same thing happened when reaching H3.

    The point being, when we were behind the combat rating, farming was exponentially difficult and the climbing the CR took a long time. This slowed down how fast we could farm and how fast we could earn our Legendaries. Neither of us could solo anything, and we had to group up with ppl with high Resonance for a few days and get carried to the appropriate CR before we could start doing our own thing. Whereas, the ppl with resonance can easily catch up on higher CR and farm higher difficulty as well as kill mobs MUCH faster than us, thus getting more drops and higher legendary drop rates.

    The drop rate for gear/legendary with high resonance is higher than F2P, just because they have a higher CR, and can farm faster. It's easy to farm with high Legendary Gems and take the gems off to showcase your CR now. But the amount of time/grinding you have to do as a F2P vs P2W is very different. Both can grind for the same amount of time, and when you take off your Legendary gems, the player that farmed with gems will still have higher CR than the F2P player, just by the fact the P2W player was able to farm faster, and farm higher difficulty compared to the F2P player.

  10. your logic is flawed, since all the pieces you wear are from hell 3, which boost your cr by a ton. the problem is getting to hell 3 with hell 2 gear, which initially has a lot less cr. while it is true that you can get better gear even in hell 2 with a higher paragon level, you still need to grind A LOT more since you still will get a lot of hell2 low stat items, which isnt the case when you farm hell 3.

  11. What about the numbers on the gear? Should I care about life/damage or the score? I often get the gear with higher life but lower score.
    Also, does equipping gear with lower score or life/damage numbers mean you get overall lower tier gear drops (like it was in destiny at first). Or does the game tracks that you got higher gear at one point meaning it will still count towards higher drops?

  12. maybe you missed something here, yes you can grind as f2p coz you have a party of 4 that can boost you, f2p doesnt have that always, yes you will tell yiou can grind solo, but telling that at 60 you go hell1, and this folks that follow this would just die, why? becoz of their CR too low, if you can guide them as a F2P. on how you manage to get enough combat rating to solo next level then that would be an amazing content…saying oh your level 60 and go to hell1 now is not a good idea for f2p players

  13. I would love Blizzard to change the free daily crest to be Legendary. Letting F2P/casual spenders run one a day would both feel better and whet our appetites for doing more occasionally.

  14. Doing 1000s killstreaks now. Sometimes i get 0 leggos per hour, sometimes 5.
    For me maybe 3 leggos per hour is avg. No Warband and 0 MF.

    Dungeons are very frustrating, because you can run 10 without a single drop, and they are very boring.
    If you ever run a dungeon with a carry, then yes the runs are also 3 times faster.

    23 hours to server paragon sounds extremely generous as well.

    I'm Paragon 91 now with 1740 CR.

  15. More accurate way to know how many legendary items you've obtained is by adding the ones you have with your glowing and essences you have. Also add up the glowing you've used for slot upgrades. It will all add up except if you don't know how many set items you've obtained and salvaged and daily chest you've gained glowing from it won't be as accurate. Just a thought

  16. I overall agree, and I think you made a powerful demonstration by showing your CR without the gems. That said, I think they need to find ways to narrow the gap a little bit (between spenders and non-spenders, between hardcore grinders and more casual players). When you only play an hour or two a day, it can sometimes feel like you go a week or more without progress – the transition into each new hell level is especially brutal as a F2P.

  17. Have you tried to use in PVE Conjuration of Light skill + Legendary chest – Justice without Favour?
    Keep in mind that you are still buffing the whole group so it will deal more than 100k+ damage without crits

  18. Not just a lot of time, need a lot of chance also for exceptional items, or triple stats. Each time than I up new step (60/80/100 etc…) I have enough ressources to upgrade all 6 items directly but have 26xx is also because with your resonance your farm is more efficient because your dammages are really more higher than casual gamer like me (lvl 100 and 2450 gs). So, ok for hours farming but resonance have huge impact also, need to considerate it in your reflexion. Last point, your drop chance is increase with stones grade 5 with 5 or 10% bonus per each one, so 5 x 6 = 30% or 10 x 6 = 60%… so don't forget this also because casual is impossible to have 6 stones grade 5 after 1 and half month.

  19. So Veiled I've heard that Magic find impacts how quickly you find those triple stat legendaries. So, that would, in fact, impact the overall time it takes you to get your combat rating up. Is that correct?

  20. Your calculation was off! You got more legendary drops than F2P players because your high level gems BOOSTed your magic find rate. Equipping six rank5 5 star gems gave you 90% increase of magic find.
    If you could go farming equipping only 1 star legendary gems for a few hours, you would see much less legendary drop.

  21. Hi, Thanks great video as usual, one of the bad things about the XP bonus when you are begin the paragon level server is that you would level up to fast for the time you grind. so this mean less equipment you the way i am Ok with this catch up mechanic but this is one of down side for this situation..

  22. Just curious doesn't magic find increase the chance of triple stat gear dropping more often? If so doesn't that also play a part? Just curious I'm paragon 102 with 2755cr with my gems equipped. I can imagine I'll lose about 200 or so cr rating with gems removed. I don't have many triple stats but I definitely world farm for many hours and getting tons of lego drops but sadly never really a big upgrade stat wise to boost my cr.

  23. im sorry but if i need to spend so many hours just to get such a small increase in CP then this is no longer a game but a job and the average person who actually has day or night jobs would not normally be able to do that so at that point this this pointless as a free to play.

  24. I can only play 3 – 4 hours daily… And it is much more difficult for me to farm items because I play solo 95% of the time… 5% – I sometimes got lucky if I find people with same goals as me grinding world map and dungeons…

  25. here's the real guide, spoon farm at night in library in party of 4, sell all the gems to your alts for plat, ur alts just rift farm 'fa' to make random legendary gems to sell. sell charms from main to alts for 2500, alts also buy out charms from hilt vendor and sell. thats around 4 gem power per day, wish they uncapped normal gem farm