Tips, Tricks, & Customizations For Your Shiny New AirPods

There is a lot more to AirPods than meets the eye. Whether you just got a new pair of the second generation AirPods or you are an early adopter, chances are there is at least one or two tips or tricks here you didn’t know.

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  1. They should of made an AirPod app like they did with the Watch it would of been better and easier to connect the AirPods with the air pods app

  2. Actually just bought AirPods 20 mins ago 😁🤣 thanks for these handy tips! They're all ready to go now!

  3. My mom airpods for us to share but I was the one who was more surprised when she bought it.

    It was on sale.

  4. I have an iPhone 6 and Siri only works when I have my phone plugged in, so with my AirPods will I have to have my phone plugged in still?? I know it’s a long question lol 😂

  5. My dad found airpods and the TSA been at the airport and she gave them to me but it only had one airpod

  6. I’m getting my air pods on Thursday and I’m tryna know how to work them before I get them and than the next day I’m getting the iPhone se 2020 and I’m tryna do a lot of things to know what to do when I get my stuff

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