Apple AirTags: Hands-on with the tiny tracker

Apple’s newest product is a tracker called an AirTag. You attach it to an item and can keep track of it with your iPhone’s Find My app. AirTags work with any iPhone or iPod Touch on iOS 14.5, or on any iPad on iPadOS 14.5. A single AirTag costs $29 and a four-pack is $99. You can order an AirTag starting Friday April 23 and AirTags will be available on April 30.

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  1. If a pipeline can be hacked, what chance does a little piece of small metal have?

  2. I just bought an air tag to try out . This is a fantastic device I’m going to buy the four pack .

  3. Thanks for clearing it up that it’s not good for tracking kids. Just bought an airtag for my keys & iwatch for my kid. Great review. Thanks!

  4. I think its a bad idea.. 25.00 throwaway tracker.. just throw a few of these here and there.. just about anywhere.. # 1 pet finder becomes #1 item criminals use combined with double sided tape. Our FREEDOMS FOR TECH..

  5. When we are pretending that I have found a AirTag I put my iPhone 7 Plus over the AirTag to identify it nothing happens nothing comes up on my screen why is this how can I fix it thanks

  6. This things are dangerous But the Cartels & crooks love them.. apple should stay away from this before the first person get Kidnap and hurt.. they been fighting Facebook because of privacy but come on apple this is Really worse…??✌?✌?✌?

  7. Let apply track your location and sell that information for the low low price of $29.99 get yours now

  8. So I have to software update for 44 minutes for each device? And why is it mine being discovered I’m really irritated about this product!

  9. I wonder if Precision Tracking works with the 2nd Gen SE as it came out after the Iphone 11

  10. So I could hide this in my electric motorcycle somewhere and basically this would replace having to pay for a GPS provider each month?

  11. I bought 4 and need a keychain for it but I need the 3 dollar key holder for it.

  12. But what if someone steals your backpack or whatever and happen to have an iPhone, will the AirTag notify them in the sense of the thief being tracked? Then they could just remove it ans steal your things..

  13. Just discovered a major limitation with Apple's new Air Tag. It doesn't work with wallets fitted with integral RFID technology. The RFID technology blocks the Air Tag signal. And trying to find a wallet without RFID technology seems impossible.

  14. Le SmartTag di Samsung hanno in più delle AirTag di Apple:

    ▪︎ Un foro già incluso (non devi comprare altro)
    ▪︎ Sistema di rintracciamento in realtà aumentata
    ▪︎ Possibilità di abbinarli anche alla domotica domestica (accendere e spegnere lampade, etc…etc… semplicemente pigiando il tasto del Tag stesso)
    ▪︎ Prezzo inferiore

    Certo, non avrà la "genialatà" di farseli personalizzare (a caro prezzo) dalla casa madre, ma credo che con un semplice UniPosca o adesivi vari, possiamo dar sfogo a tutta la nostra personalizzazzione e fantasia.

    N.B. specifico per un amico

  15. Did you do any testing with the tag INSIDE things? Like does it signal as well if it is inside a purse or piece of luggage? And if so, how well in an outer pocket versus an inner one? That sort of thing?
    I've also seen images of the tag holders, some with the silver Apple logo side facing out and some with the white side facing out. Does it matter which side is uncovered in terms of either detection range or sound production?

  16. Imagine the crazy girlfriends/boyfriends that toss this in their partners car and stalks them

  17. So if someone steals whatever it’s attached to it’ll notify the thief that it’s there and how to disable it? Cool lol

  18. So if I have a tag on my keys and go shopping without my iPhone my keys will alarm sound while in my pocket while shopping?

  19. Ordered 4 today. Cannot wait to play with it. My keys have a mind and legs of their own. Got you keys.

  20. Let me explain to everyone the goal of airtags. To have your Bluetooth on all the time. That’s it.

    A better goal for society would be to have people remember where they place things rather than relying on stupid technology. Unless your secondary goal was to make people more stupid.

    Mission accomplished Apple. Next? Airtags can vote automatically for you!

  21. Okay. So anti-theft is not a good purpose to buy this…right?
    For example…
    1. I hide it in my car.
    2. Thief with an iPhone steals my car
    3. Thief drives around and will get an alert that an unregistered airtag is tracing him/her
    4. The airtag pops up on the thief’s iPhone
    5. The thief deactivates it.

    Same would happen with purses, backpacks, etc.

  22. This gives the means to stalk someone to the masses.
    It gives you the ability to stalk anyone for 29 bucks by sliding this into someones pocket or backpack. As it is untracable, even if the victim finds it the attacker/abuser/stalker can not be identified.

    I know there are obviously other ways to do this, but this gives a simple affordable solution to the mass, so I see a big problem here.

  23. Nothing new with this tag, it uses bluetooth to be discovered not GPS, so, this means that you can find it only if it is within bluetooth range !! Useless just like other tags in amazon. Give one with GPS base and I will buy 20 of them.

  24. The first time an AirTag gets dropped into a victim's pocket so they can be tracked to their home from the bar—we'll let's just say there are nefarious uses that will be thought of I'm sure.

  25. I like the product but it seems rather ridiculous that the loop (not included) to hold the AirTag costs more than the AirTag. Even the cheapest off brand (Belkin) is over $12, roughly half the price of the AirTag.

  26. What about all the data usage by all these iPhones? I know it’s very little data, but it all adds up, especially when there are millions of these AirTags out there.

  27. They need to make one that is flat and sized like a credit card, so that it can be put in a wallet. Then you have one of these round airtags for your keys…and one flat one for your wallet. That would .take care of two very important items that most people stress about losing. Sell the two of them together for maybe $75…they'd sell lots of them. I'd buy a set.

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