How to make Windows 10 look like macOS Big Sur || macOS Big Sur Theme For Windows 10

How to make Windows 10 look like macOS Big Sur || macOS Big Sur Theme For Windows 10










0:00 Intro
0:25 Installing Cursor
1:17 Installing Rainmeter
2:01 Installing macOS Widgets
3:28 Installing macOS menubar
3:51 Installing Dock
4:50 Windows taskbar Autohide Enable
5:50 Installing Dock skin
8:51 Wallpaper
9:20 Outro

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In this video i show you how to make Windows 10 Look like macOS Big Sur. We will be installing mac os Big Sur theme, cursor, dock, wallpaper, icons, widgets and mac os hub. As well i will show you cleanest way to make it look like macOS Big Sur. Big Sur theme will not affect your computer. Because we will not install windows 10 skin as well as any slowdowns on your system. Installing on windows 10 20H2.
#macos #windows10theme #windows10 .

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  1. If we want to undo all the effects how we will do it means I want my pc how it was before applying these effects how I will do it

  2. can u make a video how to turn it back to what really is like fake mac to real pc like what it was before I made mac

  3. I found your tutorial the most easiest…. And don t know why nexon was not running in my pc , so I was sad that I can t add dock which I love the most… But you introduced another app and it works too… Thanks for this 😀

  4. omg i love this i treid it before but then it got reset so now i came to this new vid and i have it all back!

  5. i have a question how do you access the icon thing app

    Edit:I figure Out i Right click PRESS Icon setting And change the icon

  6. in here 6:16 I just see share with skype and extract and extract with macos_big_sur… and extract here

  7. hey can u make a mac cursor where if u shake your mouse it will get big cuz thats how mouses work in el capitan (10.11+)

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