NEW iMovie for Apple MacOS Big Sur – FIRST LOOK

Here is a first look at the new Apple iMovie in MacOS BIG SUR. I basically did a walk through of the new look and feel to see if there were any major changes.

iMovie upgrade recommendations from the video:
** Final Cut Pro X
** Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (Great Free Beta for Mac/PC/Linux)

Thanks for watching!!

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  1. I upgraded and I have had nothing but problems. I can’t do anything without it stalling with the rainbow wheel spinning until it catches up. It’s awful. I can’t even use a 60 second clip without it stalling.

  2. They should at least provide 2 to 3 layers.
    1 extra layer is way too outdated !

  3. My iMovie suddenly wouldn't let me add more photos. Is there a movie size limit now?

  4. Very nice! My main concern was that I have a wedding video I've been editing. I backed it up multiple ways of course but didn't want any "surprises" after upgrading to Big Sur so I've been reading around to make sure. Cool thing is I learned some things from your video already that may prove helpful soon. I used to edit on PCs so I'm still on a slight learning curve on the Mac editing but I don't want to just go back to PC. I want to force myself to learn all the things possible in iMovie, etc. Thank you for the idea of checking out Resolve, I think you called it for all 3 platforms as I like to use Linux from time to time and I don't wish to spend a bunch on editing tools at this point as I should upgrade my hardware first IMO. Anyway, thank you! Great that you taught with efficiency and smoothly. (Smoothly in that there weren't jolts and if you did have music in the background it was superb because I didn't notice it which is great IMO.)

  5. Can you use Da Vinci resolve on the 2020 MacBook Air I have the I five quad core basic model?

  6. But did you do any speed testing with this newer version on an Intel-based Mac?

  7. I noticed when i shared my movie as a file, it is now .mov instead of .mp4. Anyone else notice that?

  8. Thank you, and no didn't even know I could use multiple audio layers!!! Yesssssss!!!!! ???

  9. Thanks bubba, loved the video. I’m new to make but I have so many videos I want to edit. Does I movie have a film grain effect? If not how do I add one and where do I go to get them.

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