Don’t Update your iPhone 6S, SE or 7 to iOS 14!

iPhone Other Storage: How To Delete It!

In this video I explain why you shouldn’t update your iPhone 6S, SE or 7 to iOS 14 in details. Hope you like it! .

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  1. Hey guys! All this info is based on research, data collection from a ton of websites and studies about major iOS updates on old iPhones. On top of that, I have over 10 years of experience on this business. Please remember this is my opinion, and you’re free to update if you feel like it.

  2. My iphone 6s+ is still on ios 11 lol.. Should I upgrade to ios 14??I'm planning to upgrade since i cant install instagram on it?

  3. My iPhone battery used to last more than 3 hrs but now it lowers even when am not using it

  4. I have 7plus and haven’t updated since I got my phone fixed cuz the guy told me it’ll ruin the phone lol. I’m at 13.3.1

  5. 1:20 My iPhone 7 has 31 GB, still on 13.0, and even if I wanted to download 14.0 it just keeps saying that there was an error.

  6. I’m here because my mum has the iPhone 6 s I have the iPhone 11 I have the update and I was showing it to her she thought it was really cool and she really wanted to install it but I told her that it would take away her storage and would work slower and my mum is also struggling with battery loss her iPhone is running out in like 2 – 4 hours even when it’s fully charged so I told her she shouldn’t get it she was really upset . Now I am looking at videos to see if I should let her get it .
    Do you think I should let her get it please respond quickly .

  7. Great video. Thanks. Saw this just in time.
    By any chance would you know how to turn off the text effect in a iPhone 6S Plus. It keeps wanting me to add effects when i send a text message and it is Extremely annoying. Sometimes, like today, it keeps bringing up the effect box (for loud, gentle, invisible ink, etc) and won't let me send the text…Help! Thanks….

  8. I Have an I phone 7 and I am having trouble with IOS 14 As I updated it. The I tunes play count wont update from the playlist I cant add anymore apps I Had to take off a lot of Apps & the Battery runs down faster & Storage is also close to full so How to change it so it will be ok again. What can we all do I really wanna know & defo about the play count on I tunes update. I am glad you uploaded this video so I am not the only one who is wondering about this and why is it happening its good thanks for adding this even if it is just your Opinion how to change it back tho to ios 13 ??

  9. i have ah iPhone 6s rn and i cant download my music on apple music ? idkk if i should update it to ios 14 since it’ll make my phone slower buh idkk if it will make my songs download

  10. Ii have 6S and still on IOS 12.1 lol. i am fine as is, but apps are no longer supporting it. most are 12.4 or later now. is there was to update to 13 w/o going to 14?

  11. Guys, y’all think it will be a long update if my IPhone 6s is still in its IOS 12?

  12. Apple makes junk. Won't even update. Get error messages unable to install a lot of apps. How in the world are they going to make cars if they still can't even make phones that work

  13. Am watching this on my iPhone 6s with iOS 14.4.2 . I have 126 GB . The iOS 14 works perfectly on the iphone 6S purchased in 2015. Fantastic update ! If you have 64GB or more , update !!!!!!

  14. Someone recommend garret_hacker01 on Instagram which helped me access my iPhone thank you garret_hacker01 you are the best hacker

  15. finally a channel thats not full of bs and speaks english with little to no accent unlike the descendants of shiva lol

  16. What I’m seeing in the comments is:
    iPhone7- dont update it
    iPhone6s- mixed outcomes
    iPhone SE- You can update it

  17. After ios 14 update My iPhone SE gen1 battery flowing like hell. How to fix it guys?

  18. I updated my iPhone 6s plus to ios 14, but it deleted ALL my data, i dont understand why..

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