M1 iMac Review: Ultra Thin Design Choice!

Apple’s M1 iMac is crazy thin. It’s a polarizing design, but a great computer!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.

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  1. Thanks for the review!! I have a late 2015 that I want to change and I’m probably one of the few that loved the design lol.

  2. Dumb review… at least Marques acknowledges what he doesn’t understand. This is a great family computer.

  3. I think the blue imac is gorgeous.. I so wish I could get it but I don't have the freaking money. Maybe one day tho

  4. The colored chin and white bezels are the best part tho ?? I’m a life long Microsoft user but I’m gonna get this computer and switch to Apple just because I love the design of this. ?

  5. Cool video Marques!

    Will there be an ASMR version of this as well? HA.

    All the unboxing/unpeeling etc. I bet had some interesting noises.

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  7. Best way to enjoy Marques' videos is by watching them while scrolling through the comments section ?

  8. The chin and the ports are things that would keep me from buying one of these Macs. I would have to use one to see if those would be a hinderance. I will wait for the next generation. Thanks for explaining everything so well!!

  9. Wondering why the speakers sounded like crap…..finally peeled off the last piece of plastic. whoopsie!

  10. If I wanted to install an older version of Max OS, like Mojave, could I do that with this new imac ?

  11. Do you think it would work for 3d modelling, animation, graphic design, vfx? If not, would you recommend the iMac 27"? or, should I wait until Apple releases a new iMac? Love your videos!

  12. Great review. I suggest you Try using an HP filter to kill the fan noise of the airconditioning though ?

  13. I hate the idea of the brick; mine over heats every day on my Mac book pro and I have to have it hanging off my window fan to keep it from burning up. Also this monitor looks too tall for me to use. With that huge chin, there is no way I can sit ergonomically correct in front of this computer. Gonna have to look at something else.

  14. Thank you. I find the design is ok. I think the novelty of the colors won’t last. I wished you mentioned what you thought about the chin. Haha

  15. Ive left and Jobs passed … and it seemed like Apple 'd been running out of ideas. so they simply went "let's make them thinner" all these years.

  16. If I remove my pc harddrive and plug a pre installed macOS harddrive will it boot into macOS ?

  17. Me: *This new iMac looks kinda nice
    Marques: I don't like the design
    Me: Yea I don't like the design either

  18. I want to buy iMac for Audio & Video Editing
    Could you please suggest me which is best one ?? M1 iMac or iMac 27" ??

  19. I actually love that they have the chin. Both visually and practically. I often have to kinda rotate the computer to access the usb ports in the back and also need some support when sticking stuff in to those ports(I change the stuff there quite often because I do photography). The chin gives you a safe place to touch the front side of hhe screen without leaving fingerprints to the glass.

  20. I much prefer the old design. The huge chin without the Apple logo on the new iMac looks really weird.

  21. I looove white bezels!
    Black bezels just always show dirt and prints easier and I've never been a fan.


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