Apple can’t handle the truth, so they delete & bury it.

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  1. Kilted Tim is easily one of the WORST cases of a mindless corporate shill that I've ever seen on the internet. His responses in Jessa's videos are astoundingly dishonest.

  2. i'm an apple customer, and i know very well how full of shit they are, partially thanks to you and partially with my own experience
    but the fact is other laptop makers suck soooo god damn badly that we have no other choice

    i tried to go to lenovo x1 and carbon, its garbage, battery lasts few hours, their fancy stupid touch screen cracks super easily and fixing it is as expensive as fixing apple
    etc… its just competition is garbage, and i have no choice, my advise take the longest time before changing your apple device

    if you got lucky and got a device that is ok stick with it for as long as you can.

  3. is there anything like the waybackmachine that can archive all deleted apple forum support threads that they take down and organize them in a central directory by type of issue?

  4. Unfortunately whoever is on the phone to the customer trying to get it done better and correct will be out of a job as there supervisor will just say that what we are doing. If you don’t like it, see you later ?

  5. No surprise there apple and Donald Trump AR infamous for telling lies and burry it when the truth comes out. That's why I use no apple products nor follow Trumpians they are the nazis of the new age!

  6. It’s already hit the auto industry look at Tesla.
    I was fucked getting a new screen once for a iPhone wanted to hand back a perfect phone to the telco… the screen had a tiny chip in it… cost over $400 to replace. The shop did an amazing job. The telco couldn’t believe it’s condition and I bet apple was smirking it was imperceivable from new.

  7. this is absolutely true. i have a MPB 13" 2017 model (with touchbar) got the keyboard replaced under the extended warranty. (because the keys are always sticking) Got it back and within 24 hours i have all sorts of display issues. The apple certified repair center wouldnt take responsability and i had to take it up to Apple in Ireland to get it fixed under a "special" Customer Satisfaction code. (took about 3 months) If everyone had their way i would have had to pay 750 euro for a display replacement.

  8. Just look at the Apple EULA and then imagine the contracts they make their employees sign… an Apple rep. that is gonna tell that to their boss will probably have to pull a SNOWDEN and hide in Russia.

  9. I've been BSed by Apple and Apple Support quite a few times over the years. I no longer actively buy CrApple products.

  10. Here is the thing, often times on the internet, when people have fair complaints about Apple, it's often used to insult the products and the users.

    So when a real criticism comes for the company, people get defensive. Cause they are trained to. Cause the internet is a place where people hate on each other constantly.

  11. I hate that apple users CHOOSE apple when this information is out there about the company and how they treat their customers and most if them answer with "well apple products simply just work and that's what I need in a product" and or "oh because the apple galaxy of products just work together so flawlessly without having to configure things because I dont have time for that". Then I ask, well how many laptops and phones do you have from apple and they proceed to tell me about the 20000$ they have spent on the iPhone 4s , 5, 6s, 10 and their closet full of apple stuff including 3000$ laptops that is "obsolete" but sometimes they have to dig out their old one to use a program that Is "incompatible" with the current one. But ya know, it all "just works", "is reliable". And I laugh and tell them I've purchased 2 laptops for 1200$ each over the past 10 years and I can play major AAA titles on both of them and this usually upsets them a bit. On top of this I ask them how they configure their wifi, gadgets ect, and its exactly the same if not more complex or more steps at times than PC peripherals. I smh and walk away.

  12. I agree with this I have seen this many times with my customers and if they have a 2016 it’s fine but not 2017 wtf? Lucky here in Australia apple covers still if they call up about consumer law

  13. Own a mid 2020 MacBook Pro and a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro. 2012 in build quality is a far superior machine

  14. I know it’s a pain in the ass to do, but I think everybody that has one of those MacBooks not cover to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency. Then that’ll get Apple some bad press which will force them to fix the others.

  15. Who said that an employee has not done just that? But got shushed because they have to feed their family, thus sitting down and just being quiet keeps food on the table. Yeah it sucks, an no it is NOT right, but it takes more than just one person. It takes a flood. Let's make this a FLOOD of people being fed up and force apple to change. Best yet, this would be coming from their customers, which makes it profitable to drive change instead of just terminate an employee…or a group of employees (which saves them even more money, think about THAT one).

  16. Does Apple remember the $150 million dollars Microsoft invested with them to stay in business?

    Apple: Microsoft isn't playing fair with the web browser
    Microsoft: Users can get a new browser later at will (free mind you)

    People: Apple isn't playing fair with device repair
    Apple: Users can get repairs done at authorized repair centers and don't need access to parts later at will


  17. I could deal with easy breezy, that's normal… but then you said Cover Girl and I just paused the video to laugh

  18. Hi Louis, I am what a lot of people would call an Apple fanboy. I love Apple products and have been using Macs on an off for over twenty years, and had iPhones since the 3GS. I absolutely agree with your criticisms of how they deal with repairs and warranties, it is absolutely disgusting.

    I am in Australia, their standard warranty is ninety days which to my understanding is actually illegal under Australian consumer law for the products they sell, and should be a minimum twelve months. In order to get warranty above the ninety days you have to buy Apple Care which extends it to up to three years.

    Not just that, but we also pay a massive markup for Apple products in Australia… sometimes up to $500 more than what you'd pay buying from the US with the currency exchange rate, with an added 10% GST.

    I also believe they don't even pay tax in Australia… or pay far less than they should.

  19. I agree with 100% were tried getting warranty repairs and we found they would say we have to replace the MB and it's cheaper for an upgrade. We found a person like you and he was able to fix. LIke you apple customers pay Cadilac prices and get sub-par service and in a lot of cases saying it's unfixable which we both know is a lie.

  20. Apple will eventually fail. It may take a lot of time but they will fail due to lack of support for their system.

  21. 1:08 "… and it's easy breezy beautiful cover girl"
    10:03 The DCA Person is going to show up, shit on my license, and eat it in front of me.
    I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

  22. Big Tech Censorship? Your sounding like one of those hysterical, conspiracy theorist and threat to america REPUBLICANS lol…

  23. I realized that Apple treats their customers like crap back in the 80's, long before they sold any products with a name that begins with the letter "i". I bought an Apple //c with a matching monitor, monitor stand, and printer. In less than 2 years time it was impossible to get any software, peripherals, or printer ribbon cartridges. I was told that instead of supporting my existing machine (which still worked perfectly), they recommended that I buy a brand new computer system, monitor and printer. (Because the existing monitor and printer will not work with any future Apple product.) I was told this simple "fix" would solve all my problems. In fact, it did! I purchased a PC and have had no problem getting support, hardware, or software ever since. When the 'i" products came out, I avoided them like the plague.

    (On the other hand, considering how people react to an ACTUAL plague, perhaps we ought to retire that old saying.)

  24. You know how dogs freak out after their owner is gone a long time? Cats don’t do that IE they only care about being fed and petted they don’t care who does it.

  25. Man I love my iPhones and iPads but I‘m hella glad I don‘t use Apple only products especially MacBooks.

  26. I really like your content because you try to be unbiased and one clearly can feel this. Plus you stated in the beginning that if others feel you are too biased we should tell you. Much props on you for this. Plus it makes your content so good because you don‘t bash in a meaningless way. You just highlight real flaws and actually help or provide the possibility to Apple to become better. Actually they should watch your videos on a regular basis for them to benchmark themselves and sort the crap out.

  27. The answer to this is that All companies that make computers need to have a better Quality Control center

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