I hope the new Mac Pro Mini is good

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The ARM transitions has shown us that Apple really wants to use their silicon to shrink their computers down, as they have done with the iMac. This leads to many open questions about their vision for Pro products. Jonathan is excited but he hopes Apple keeps some traditional computer paradigms alive.

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0:00 Introduction
0:43 What happened when Apple shrunk past pro desktops
2:14 The 2019 Mac Pro
2:57 The possible future of the Mac Pro
4:12 Thanks TG Pro!
4:45 How Apple could make it work for pros
8:20 Conclusion .

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  1. TG Pro is the tool you definitely want to use if you have upgraded your MacOS more than 2 times. The OS upgrade will silently and irrevocably upgrade your BIOS firmware (EFI/SMC) resulting in a changed thermal profile as a way of Apple's forced obsolescence. Even if you go back to your old OS the performance will never be as it was before. Your CPU will create more heat with the same amount of CPU load as it did before the upgrade. Benchmark programs will even show slightly better performance after OS upgrade but don't get yourself fooled. This firmware upgrade will negatively affect the EFFICIENCY of network, storage and CPU performance. Simply you will get worse thermals for the same performance and either your computer will become noisier or worst performing. There are only two solutions. Either you will never upgrade your mac more than 2 times from the original OS it came with, or you will use TG Pro to make a new thermal profile. TG Pro will not fix the noise or increased temperatures (those are broken by the apple upgrade) but a new thermal profile for your computer will try to create better cooling with appropriate faster fan speeds without your computer frying its self or thermal throttling. If you can hack your SMC you might be able to downgrade it and go back to how it was before and use an older MacOS with good performance until it is no longer supported. One of the first techs that stop to work on an old MacOS is Google software. You have to be careful since you can fry your apple computer with TG Pro too with a bad thermal profile.

    TG Pro, Drive DX, Little Snitch, BetterTouchTool and CleanMyMac are essential Mac programs that should be installed on every MacOS to have them working smoothly and without issues.

  2. I'm still using my thrashcan macpro and I'm lovin it. I upgraded the CPU and the RAM some years ago to 24 cores and 64Gb (didn't pay apple premium prices for CPU and RAM) I even have a thunderbolt2 to PCIe expansion box. I used to have 3 screens before but now I'm using a $200 32" IPS screen with a simple displayport-thunderbolt cable. Incredibly silent, efficient, and powerful.

  3. I officially stopped hoping that Apple will actually release something upgradable and repairable. I sold my old Mac Pro and build a Hackintosh this week. Lets see how long this investment can hold up against Apple Silicon.

  4. I mean, the Mac Pro already has a spec bump with the new GPU MPX modules. Not sure about the CPU's though. But yeah, i'm actually really curious to see how this will turn out. I'm wondering if Apple maybe will make a standalone CPU…? 🤔So not with an SOC but really a CPU chip from Apple themselves that can be used in the new Mac Pro and that way we can use GPU's & CPU's. I don't know, just thinking out loud!

  5. It doesnt need redesigning, its a new design its a good design. Redesigning it this soon would be a waste. Not that there is any support for real extensibility on their proprietary hardware but there sure as shit wont be if they dont support any.

  6. Shrinking is fucking stupid, just make a god-damn m1 desktop with over the top cooling that allows for who-wants it, and who has the money-for-it, to get the absolute best performance from the chip, even tune and liquid cool it if necessary, maybe even LNO2 in the future, thermal-throttling is the most-annoying thing ever in a desktop, and maybe Apple TM will even expand their community and audience by catering to more computing enthusiasts and the-like, also having lots of room for plenty of expandable storage and RAM would also be a good thing, ok peace out family stay safe.

  7. I am guessing we will get something weak because Apple is afraid to anger their recent Mac Pro buyers or undercut sales of those units. It will be fast but lack expansion slots, ports and user up-gradable RAM. Maybe some enthusiasts will make the jump. Like me maybe – still running the 5.1 Pro.

  8. What if they use a processor tray like the cheesegrater that has the SOC with all the integrated CPU, RAM, and GPU in an upgradeable tray? Want to upgrade from 20 cores to 40 cores 5 years down the road? Just upgrade the SOC tray.

  9. Why do we get this continual fawning and speculative analysis over Apple products, and yet no one talks about the fact that they use slave Labour?
    Its grotesque.

  10. What concerns me for the next apple models is memory bandwidth. Even (LP)DDR5 will begin to bottleneck upcoming iGPU's. They could solve this with HBM for the iGPU, which honestly would be amazing and shrink the chassis an incredible amount. I doubt that will happen outside of the Mac Pro, but would be nice to see on M1X/M2.

  11. Apple working on i-GPU that could be multiple times faster than the currently available AMD GPU's available in the 2019 Mac Pro?
    Yeah, nah.

  12. It would be great if the Mac Pro stays the Mac Pro, and we get something that we haven’t had for a very long time.

    A Mac.

    Size between Mac Mini and Mac Pro, some more IO on the back and front, a couple of PCI slots, and a drive bay or two.

    Marketing takes care of itself.

    The Mac is back.

  13. Man the return of the cube could a significant reintroduction to the power pc era. The cube could be the flagship for their new high performance silicon.

  14. on SoC upgradability I'd love for Apple to design compute units in the same way Intel does the NUC now. Small, compact, and high quality Mac running NUCs basically.

  15. I hate apple products but for some reason I watch these videos as soon as they pop up on my feed. This dude is just so easy to listen to

  16. No professional gives a crap about small form factors – NONE!!! Jeezo Apple when will you listen. Do they not have the faintest clue? I wanna be able to stick three top spec GPU’s in my computer, do they not understand the dimensions of parts???? Also, it doesn’t matter what crap highstreet consumer orgasm industrial design they throw at it, if it can’t run Nvidia graphics it’s as good as useless. It feels like all Apple focus on, is a YouTube generation. All their computers are good for are video production, and music production. THATS IT! If you’re any kind of professional designer/architect/3D modeller or artist, you’d be absolutely deranged to buy a Mac “pro”. Try harder Apple…or just try in fact.

  17. Is there a reason he says solder and herald like he's never heard a human being say those words outloud before?

  18. imac just looks horrible to me!

    I see where they were going but it just looks like something you would buy from china called an ipac.

    Those new cpus though are fricken' amazing

    The bin was also a terrible design, whereas the new macpro is far more what you would expect.

  19. The only problem with the mac pro is the price. If they just change the motherboard to support the mac silicon it would be a better idea considering how much people payed for the mac pro.

  20. Never say “ARM Mac” and “Intel Mac” in the same sentence. Apple Silicon uses the ARM instruction set on the CPU, and that’s about all they have in common. Apple Silicon is so much more, as you should know.

  21. Heya Jonathan, would you ever consider doing a video about upgrading the current max pros gpu? I’m currently looking into this and I was keen on getting an off the shelf 6900XT but apparently it’s more complicated than that.

  22. yup ter distroid it self .. and tha arm cortex mobile procecor it is not thers man , they wat a phet one procesor .. thet hav to mke a soket amd maderrbor line up uith cpul in tha line swapapbel ..lol . lkea a real boy . not as mibile cpu recacling plant frome tha bins of aders !!!!

    but of course I'm not right . lol ….

    it's a shame . well shit . next time in 4 yeas !

  23. Maybe they do something like the intel compute unit to swap out the CPU+Memory. I think with all the rumors about the port-a-palooza macbook pro, I guess apple is looking more towards what users want to sway them off of their intel macs quickly

  24. All we want is a tiny ITX box with a pcie card for a GPU and 2 x M.2 slots… Apple sucks… what is even the point in speculating, we know we'll not get what we want, ever. Money talks.

  25. I hope we find a way to hack the Afterburner into an FPGA dev board in the future when they start dropping in price on the used market

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