Downgrade iOS 14.3 Beta to Stable iOS 14.2 Version without losing DATA – Windows/MacOS Tutorial

Hey Guys! In this video I told you how can you downgrade from iOS beta version to a stable version of iOS. When iOS 14.2 developer beta 2 was released, I updated my device and no doubt the performance was great and battery life was also looking great. But unfortunately I faced an issue which caused my WhatsApp to crash. So, I uploaded a video telling people about this issue and how downgrading to iOS 14.0.1 fixed it. So, many people demanded that I should make a video on it! So, here it is! You can use this video on both macOS and Windows, and can downgrade from an iOS beta to a stable iOS version. So make sure you watch the video till the end and follow every step.

iMazing requires you to have license to use the update feature, if you don’t want to get it then you can:
– Create a Windows VM on MacBook and use 3uTools.
– Install Windows on an External Drive and use 3uTools.
– Get cracked iMazing (

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  1. walikum ussalam bro thank you very much jazak Allah khair its work, INSHAALLAH your channel will grow fast

  2. Hey im getting an error message and my phone is stuck in recovery mode and won't turn on. Please help

  3. great video I finally solved the problem that had been assailing me for months … thank you very much but I only encountered a problem that does not let me backup what apps… Really really amazing video

  4. It worked bro. Thank you !! If it says insufficient frame work or something along those lines, just update the cracked imazing and it should work!!

  5. Hey bro PLEASE NOTICE ME!!! In ios 14, there is problem with in game sound when you open the mic in pubgm.. please if you know how to fix it🥺

  6. I have ios 14.2 beta 2 and if i use the method in this video. Will i be able to get ota updates for future versions or i have to use same method everytime

  7. Bro i am using xr with ios 14.0.1
    Bt there is lots of frame drop in pubg gameplay
    Please can you help me to go back to ios 13.7
    Or any other idea?

  8. Hi iMat; I have an iPhone 8 running iOS 14.2 and I am trying to downgrade using your instructions. I have a licensed version of iMazing but when I trying to update the iOS it is giving me an error saying "Your Apple Mobile Device framework version is insufficient to install the OS on this device" Please help?

  9. Wa3laykum Salam Brother

    the cracked file worked perfect, but when I went to open it, the software was outdated is there another cracked filed that has the latest version???

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