How to use Kimmy stronger and easier? Auto Attack Kimmy | Mobile Legends

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  1. I hope moonton will notice the bug of Kimmy where u can't activate the first skill sometime. 😅

  2. just suggest, the music and meme sound effect way too much, sometimes didnt match at the moment. feels like didnt lift up the moment, but ruin it. just in my opinion. example in 5:55, or 3:24

  3. Everytime I search a hero gameplay I first search in gosu channel it easy and simple and funnnn
    He make difficult hero also simple
    I love it so much
    I'm addicted to this channel ✌🏻🤒😊😊😊✨

  4. for those of you who can aim with kimmy just telling you if you cant tap fast enough like general in thia video than you lose some dps because the hero is shoting slower

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  6. I wonder how he deducted that kimmy or natan would be good choice (i dont mean anything bad, just im interested)

  7. Because i couldnt use Kimmy 1st skill immediately after using normal attacks, it made me think my device was going to be broken. 😂😅 Now i found General also met the same problem, we should report this bug to Moonton.

  8. I've been using the tapping method since released… I've never told anyone coz they'd be spamming coz its too op 😂😂😂

  9. To be honest I found kimmy hard to aim but after the revamp I play it easy not easiest cause I still struggling to play her hehehhe

  10. kimmy is so weak nowdays.
    i still remember 2-3 years ago when she launched, i got 79 win rate in 90 matches in solo classic. She was so OP

  11. Yeah i noticed the s1 bug too. When i tapping her basic attack i can't immediately tap s1 it didn't registered it. Have to wait a little bit.

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