Apple Silicon M1 Macbook Pro 13 Vs MacBook Pro 16 Intel – What will be Faster?

The NEW M1 Apple Silicon Macs are HERE! BUT… what is the difference between the Apple Silicon Macbook Pro VS MacBook Pro 16 Intel verison? What will be faster and does the NEW MacBook Pro 2020 M1 promise to bring incredible performance, optimization, and battery life and overall make it worth it to buy? Should you buy an Apple Silicon Mac now, or should you wait and buy a Intel version?

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  1. I bought the mb pro 16 inch i7 32 GB RAM 5500M 8 GB VRAM 6 months ago for 3150 euros. I have no complains with the performance using Davinci Resolve and editing 4k footage. But is it worth it to sell it for let's say 2800 euros to get the 16 GB ram mb pro 13 inch m1 which will cost me 1800 euros new? If the performance is the same or even better, I get 1000 euro back, and i have a more portable device. Any advice on what to do? Thanks in advance.

  2. Please compare MBP i9 16GB vs MBP M1 16GB in detail (like realtime timeline / realtime play/ rendering /)on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro , Photoshop. Whether MBP M1 outperforms without eGPU ? I was planning to buy MBP i9 16GB.

  3. I tend to think that an M1 macbook is certainly a better choice but… they’re too small and Iam am not quite certain about graphics performance.. comparison, as my primer interest is video editing. One interesting thing is the possibility to run both ipad and iphone apps on them.

  4. That higher speed in the MacBook Pro 13 is somehow significant but that battery life difference is superb.

  5. Does the M1 8GB MBP compare to a 16 GB Intel 4 Thunderbolt high end MBP (Mid 2020)? Or do we need a 16GB M1 MBP?

  6. My MBP 13" i5 512 ssd will arrive on 1th december and i dont know what should I do. Im scared about losing support from apple in few years with i5 but im also scared about buying first gen M chip… so i have to decide between keeping i5 or changing to M1. HELP PLEASE! I use Chemdraw, Lightroom and I would like to use Bandcamp some day… Thanks!!!

  7. I’ll be getting the MacBook Pro M1 for the better battery life and sheer power to purchase price. I was about to purchase the model released earlier this year but then I found out about Apple Silicon and decided to wait to see if it would be better. Am very glad I decided to wait.

  8. Subscribed. :p I won’t buy the new Mac with the M1, but possibly wait until the next generation of Macs with the next M1 equivalent.

  9. Bought the one 1799£ macbook pro 2020 without waiting for this M1 chip. Should I replace that with the New macbook pro 13.

  10. The MacBook Pro 16 inch is huge, heavy, and too expensive, don't buy this ultimate power Macbook, the ultimate power Macbook you could buy is the Air 2020 only!

  11. I'm still trying to figure out if to update or not… I've been waiting for a while for this launch, but really want to stream my switch using a capture card but my old mac can't handle it 🙁

  12. I want to buy one but I want to make sure I really need it so I can trade it in for my MacBook Pro 16” with the Mac money I can get from Apple. Or should I just stay with the one I have. Not sure yet.

  13. I want to buy a MacBook Pro for my wife, but probably not the base M1 model. Considering the 13 inch premium with 2.0 ghz and Intel Iris Plus. Wondering how exactly these compare.

  14. I think I will buy the New M1 MacBook Air as my first MacBook, but I will have to wait until I have enough money.
    I would love to be the winner of that IPhone 12 Pro. Great Content!

  15. I'm thinking of buying the macbook pro! I need more power for my video editing and I've been om low processors for years now. Would gladly be happy having the pro!

  16. Need to upgrade my 13 year old Mac. Undecided whether to go with another iMac desktop, a 16” MacBook Pro or the new MacBook Pro 13 with the new M1 chip

  17. I ordered the 13 inch M1 and changed my mind and ordered the 16 inch I9 the M1 is going to be a dead end chip Apple my cat come out with a new chip next year and the 16 gigs only was a no go for me

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