No, the Mac Pro Isn’t Overpriced

Contrary to what the countless sensationalized stories and over-shared memes may make you think, Apple isn’t overcharging for its new 2019 Mac Pro. We take a look at where the cost is going, and compare it directly to other PCs already on the market to get the real story.

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  1. "Let me tell you why this terrible product that costs as much as a Ford F-150 is better than a normal gaming PC"

  2. 50K plus 10k for extra apps. total: 60k crappy waste of money.
    I can get the same quality windows PC for 2k for the PC plus the extra softwares.
    This dude´s face shows that he knows he is lying so hard.
    Not even a single comment support the video, I wonder what website did apple used to buy the likes.

  3. Base $6500 usd gets you a $200 gpu. Small amount of ram, 256gb ssd hd, etc. and it’s not over priced? What a complete moron

  4. How is it a "Pro" product if it does not even have a good cpu or gpu? Go get up your apple-loved ass and watch SomeOrdinaryGamers' video about apple's mac "pro". You can get better pcs which is workstation oriented for literally half of the price, asking source? go google it apple-ass fanboy.

  5. Yes it is way overpriced it doesn't have a top of the line gpu and cpu you can get a 64 core cpu but only a 28 core and doesn't even have nvidia cards and the only thing thats worth it is the ram it is totally bs and you have no clue what you are talking about the hp was more expensive because it had superior specs if you got the you could get a pc for way cheaper that has simliar specs this is why apple gans are braindead

  6. I could sell an 18 wheeler to the average driver, and $130,000 would be a reasonable price. The $6000 entry model Mac Pro has a scalable server chip that is demolished by any modern consumer build at half the price or less, it shouldn’t exist.

  7. You know prebuilds have windows and 25k is more than u think were not all rich anyone can make a 5000$ pc that beats the mac pro

  8. its fucking overpriced you have agreement with them because of that you talk like this a 1,5k pc is better then the 24k mac pro version apple is a joke

  9. The new Mac Pro is a great machine. But it's also the biggest rip off ever. Every UNBIASED computer expert knows this.

  10. 2:41 im embarassed and i want to delete urself u can get Windows for less then 20 bucks if u dont buy it on the OFFICAL website. If u want to say something like "But thats pirating" or some shit like that then rethink ur life choices. If somebody pays 400 bucks for windows then they are exordenerly stupid

  11. The reason I think it's overpriced is because electronics just simply don't last that long. Unless you're making millions a year this product doesn't make much sense. Even then, it's a waste of money. It's just simply a luxury to have this much power. Not needed.

  12. The only thing that's overpriced is the RAM, you don't need $25,000 to get 1.5TB of RAM (but most people don't need that much RAM either so…) I personally don't think it's overpriced cuz the Xeon CPU and Radeon Pro Vega GPU, but you can get a more powerful custom pc with Threadripper and Quadro but Apple just hates Nvidia and it's software isn't optimised for AMD CPUs

  13. Initially surprised by the cost of the Mac Pro. Yet, this week, I learned that Lenovo & Dell also have machines costing 50-75k!
    If your purchasing one of these machines than I imagine you have buying power to purchase million dollar autos.
    I may get there one day, hopefully before 2050!

  14. It's AppleInsider of course they are going to say that loool
    What utter bullshit. But sadly it will work on some people as always.

  15. I have no idea why I came across this video again, but if your computer (yes apple sheep's, it's just a computer) costs more than a Tesla car, then you'll know it is overpriced.

  16. Now they just need a regular Modular Mac for the non Pro Consumer. Mind you it’s never gonna happen, but it’d be awesome!

  17. From other videos I've seen on this topic, no, the Mac Pro isn't overpriced for what's inside, at least not by much.
    However with this video, comparing the Mac Pro to nothing but other potentially overpriced pre-builts and then calling those the "Windows counterparts" is completely and utterly dishonest. Overpriced pre-builts are mocked as much as anything else.

  18. At 1/9/20 prices, the performance equivalent of an 8 core, 32GB, 256GB and Radeon 580 computer is around $1,800 from a vendor, $1,400 DIY.

  19. Care to explain how windows 10 (software) and wheels (hardware) are comparable? Because they're both different things.

    What I'm more concerned about is why the monitor which I do think is really good, but comes separate with a stand that costs a staggering $1,000. Care to explain that as well?

  20. The thing is, NOBODY who knows anything about PCs would ever buy a $6000 machine with an 8 core CPU and a "workstation" graphics card that's worse than what most low-end gaming rigs have. ffs

  21. The Mac pro is overpriced in every category. If you would take this money you could build a high end gaming pc with the latest processor.

  22. Now let’s not kid ourselves. The Mac Pro is not overpriced…the year it comes out. But in a year or two, it’s going to be a ripoff. Just look at the price of the cylinder Mac Pro a few years ago. But the memory and storage upgrades are definitely absurd.

  23. This video is just clickbait from some apple sheep.

    An 8TB SSD for $2600. You can get two PCIe adapter cards and standard 4TB SSDs for about $1321.96. 1.5TB of RAM for $25000, you can get a set of 1x128GB DDR4-2933R ECC sticks independently, each for $1021.14, which multiplied by 12 hits $12253.68. A set of wheels for $400. I can't believe people need to make a set of alternatives. You can get a dolly skateboard thing which is meant for heavy objects such as the mac pro for less than $20. The rip off is obvious, and it's probably Apple's biggest yet.

    Even if you go slightly less crazy, pretty much all RAM options are overpriced. The 48GB RAM configuration with independent upgrades is $117.98, and 768GB is $3383.88, near the price of 192GB from Apple. The 48GB configuration from apple is $300, and the 768GB option is $14000. The same thing goes with storage, going straight from apple is overpriced. If you install a PCIe to M.2 adapter card for $10.99, you can get a high end 1TB SSD for $200.98 (including the adapter card), and 4TB for $660.98. The same storage configuration from Apple is $400 for 1TB, and $1400 for 4TB. Using the Google Shopping search engine, I found the same 24-Core CPU used in the Mac Pro for $3367.16 straight from Compu-Design USA, which saves $2303.12 over the $6000 price tag going straight from Apple.

    I also wanted to see how much each part independently would be, the CPU is $803.24, the RAM is $235.96, the SSD would be $46.98 with the adapter card. The base model GPU is basically an 8GB RX 580, which the cheapest is $159.99. It's obviously safe to assume that there is a lot of power draw, and 1800W is $409.99. The case, cooler and motherboard should obviously not be $4343.84.
    If you are part of the dark side and want this Mac Pro, be smart about it and find your cheaper alternatives.

    Think about this, performance vs cost. A $6000 computer might be justifiable if it came with 128GB RAM, a 2TB SSD, and a AMD 5700XT. The current specs are terrible, and no serious video "prosumer" customer (unless they love Apple) would get this, or even upgrade. Don't even get me started on the 8-core CPU. 256GB SSD is a joke, you can't do any decent video editing on that amount of storage space. A MAC Pro with 192GB RAM, Radeon Pro Vega II , and 2Tb SSD is $12,000.

    To this frank dude and other iSheep that keep trolling and harassing me and other people:
    Other companies like Dell or HP has absolutely nothing to do with any cheaper or more expensive prices, in fact the most expensive RAM sticks I found are still less than Apple's price. I haven't posted the URL to the cheap 24-Core CPU because when I sign out or go on an alt it won't show. Anyone who intentionally misleads this information or troll will be reported to YouTube's TOS under harassment and misleading info.

  24. PCIE3.1 on the new Mac Pro. PCIE3 on the last model 10 years ago. Meanwhile PCIE6 is about to be ratified and you can get a 64core beast (vs the Mac Pro's 28) for half the price on a PC yet two to three times the computing power.

    As a pro running a an app that needs this kind of power (like Blender or some scientific number crunching app) why would you care about MacOS? The app you need most likely runs on Windows or Linux and it'll be the main thing you spend your day using.

    As some who's been using macs for over 20 years I am extremely sad at where Apple are today. They have lost it, and it's sad to see apologists still sticking up for their bullshit attitude to the pro market.

  25. Yes, it's isn't overpriced, and is a dream machine (and monitor), that i hope to have it soon, both. But memory is. In Apple, Memory is always overpriced. And the graphics MXP modules are too overpriced, they are amazing and fast, but overpriced a lot. Besides that, is a dream machine, that i will have, and the monitor, soon. 😀

  26. Where in hell did you find a windows liscence for over $100? This guy is a schill.

  27. i love fanboy video and yep its not overpriced just lil bit pay more lol
    lets compared to Amd epyc 64core?
    Apple : nah its illegal

  28. For what it is, how it's made, and what it is capable of, it's definitely not expensive. Have you seen the build quality of similar computers? Not only that, the Afterburner Card is perfect for content creators, that thing is extreamely fast.

  29. Comparing A licensed copy of Windows to a pair of plastic wheels is not a fair comparison and just saying that Apple includes Mac OS for free does not make the $400 not overpriced.




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