TORN? M1 Max MacBook Pro 2021 14 vs 16 – CLEAR Winner

M1 Max MacBook Pro 14 vs M1 Max MacBook Pro 16 – The difference. In today’s video, I compare the 2 most powerful MacBook Pro 2021. I talk about the battery life, performance, and compare the screen sizes. If you are deciding between the 2 sizes, this video is for you!

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This Apple Event was one for the ages. We thought the new chip would be the MacBook pro M1X or M2 and now we have 2 new chips. The M1 Pro & M1 Max. I went with the Macbook 14 M1 Max and I think I am in love LOL. The power on this thing is crazy, let me know if you guys picked one up yourself! Ive been hearing so many issues about the 14 inch MacBook pro having battery life problems or extremely loud fan noise. Today I debunk that.

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0:00 Intro
1:32 Battery Life
3:10 Portability
5:57 Performance
9:55 Which To Get

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  1. Love the title: "CLEAR Winner" but at 10:02 "I dOnT ThiNk tHeReS a CLeAr WinNeR" a little clickbaity but yeah lmao

  2. For serious pro work, 16" is a no brainer. It goes through the tasks like a workhorse, 14" is kind of a gimmick compared to 16". It works ok until it get's warm then all system fails.
    As a professional photographer I have opportunity if not a requirement to have both.
    14" is a basic (M1,16gb ram) model, 16" is maxed up (m1max,64gb ram,gpu32c)… I got 16" 3 months after 14", and for sure I did a real life comparison.
    As photographer I use medium format camera, as well as full frame, so all files are huge. I use Lightroom, Capture one and Photoshop software, many times interlinked… To be brief, all the tools that serious pro uses, and I do hdrs, panoramas etc.. So there's no room to hide for the hardware.
    So after 4 months onward, this are my findings:

    14" (16gb ram, basic graphic, 1tb)
    ok for a very basic tasks, it's great actually if you keep it simple and not load up very demanding projects.
    If you keep the quantity low, few 10 files for edit, export, retouch, etc… it shines out any intel based laptops immediately. It doesn't lag, all is smooth and it is on pair with maxed out 16".
    I love the size, bam you throw it in the photobag and you're off. Love it!
    as soon as bigger project come, with hundreds, thousands of shots, among which there are panoramas, hdrs, 1:1 previews etc..lots of 100% views of 100mp files,
    things fall back immensely. I say immensely to be compared to Intel laptops, if not even worse.
    With heavy load, Lightroom starts to lag so much, that at times it is impossible to work, every click on a brush takes few seconds of a "wheel time", which makes you wanna throw the laptop at the wall :). Don't but it is hideous.
    Therefore, for a quick jobs in-out, great. For a serious workstation, nope nope and nope. Gimmick!

    16" (64gb ram, 32c gpu, 2tb)
    throw at it whatever you want, it goes through like a knife thru butter.
    I think that's not just the maxed out spec, but just the size. Cramping all the spec into 14" has to come with some tradeoffs. I can't even imagine what would happen if I'd get maxed out 14". It would fry, I guess.

    LR export:

    46 edited files at 100mp to resized JPG= 14" needed 31 seconds more
    187 edited files at 100mp to resized JPG= 16" (7:22min) / 14" (15.24min) …14" slowed down after 4 minutes drastically. Which might be due to the heat that kicked in and slowed down everything.
    …now imagine you are working on something else while exporting on 14". Of course on other occasions I did, and it only slows down the export even more. Don't even think of using other heavy duty software when process power slows down, you are in for a chain reaction when all just becomes a dream where you try to run but you can't.

    So if you are in for a serious work, needing a workstation;
    16" is the only way, don't be mislead by reviewers who in most cases are not professionals in video/photo world.

  3. Hey man just wanted to say thanks for taking the time for this review. I've been looking for real life scenarios like this! Helped me make my decision!

  4. Nice reviews Johnny. I am more concern about the performance when editing the vídeo projects (the playback). Did you notice some differences when you start adding color grade, effects, multiple camera files, etc, or do they perform the same at this point? What about the fans, do they run more frequently in one than the other(when editing)?

  5. You tested M1 Max 14" but does the M1 Pro also have low power mode? 

    I'm kind of disappointed with the 14" MBP's battery which is rated at 11 hours of wireless web browsing. Even 4-5 years ago Apple rated the 13" machines at 12 hours browsing and that too with intel chips. So this happy with M1 13" MBP (or even M1 Air) user might have to get the 16" because of mini led and battery life.
    My most used app is probably the browser (Netflix, YouTube, class lectures, web browsing)

    My ideal machine was 2011 13" MBA – it didn't lack anything compared to its bigger cousins except for ethernet port and DVD Drive (never needed for my use case)

  6. Watching on my 16”. A whole 1.4 pounds heavier than the 14”! Tired of hearing about the weight difference.

  7. Nice comparison! I am leaning towards Team 14 M1 MAX because I am on the move so much and need the power for my R5 files. I was wondering during normal use I.e web surfing, word, email etc. Does the keyboard get warm to the touch or is it as cool as the 16inch?

  8. Love 14 inch small and nice but the 16 is much better but the keyboard actually fits the 14 and I do travel a bit so yeah 14 is reaeeaqlly nice but so is 16 big screen but ima have to go with 14

  9. I got my very first macbook air 13 inch for college (latest model) but I feel its to small for my preference. I'm used to a 15.6 inch screen and debating to get the macbook pro 16 inch. I prefer the bigger screen since it let's me be more prodcutive.

  10. Good video, but why do you clickbait with the title (clear winner) you don’t need it.

  11. I’ve never bought the larger sizes but for this one I just felt the bigger display was going to be worth it! I agree that it depends on the person! Great video!

  12. I’m set on the 16”, however, I don’t know if I should get the Apple M1 Pro with 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine with 32gb of unified memory or the Apple M1 Max with 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine with 32gb of unified memory… I do occasional video exporting, subtitling projects, and the occasional video encoding, but I don’t know if the extra $180 is worth it or not for the max chip over the pro chip… can anyone please give me some insight?

  13. In the past I always got the largest screen laptop possible. But, the 13” m1 showed another way. It is so light I find myself holding in my hand closer to my face than I used to do with laptops (I am sure the use of iPads has also gotten me used to that). So the smaller screen closer to my face is a way to be more mobile. In airline use for sure.

  14. Like you, I got both, and like you, on the whole I prefer the 16”. I do like the 14” for couch surfing to edit websites or to take down to a cafe for casual use, but when I get back to the 16” it’s a relief and a nicer experience. If you had a big monitor to plug into at each location you work regularly it might be different. I’m still glad I have a 14” too though – looking forward to taking it with me on holiday hopefully in a few weeks without any heavy editing work for example.

  15. I'm on a 2013 15" macbook pro. thinking bout the 16" max for sure. i think the size and weight would be very close to what ive been use to..?..

  16. Thanks for the review. I've been agonizing over this decision but when it really gets down to it, for a few months in the spring and fall, I'll be editing only with my MacBook and no external monitor, so 16" it is!!

  17. There's also 3rd way to use a laptop….on lap. I like to work part of the day outside (indoor-outdoor -living) while being in my other home in sunny Spain. I had the opportunity to check both sizes in store and first impression from 16" model was, that I will regret later if I select it. I love everything extra it gives, but I wouldn't want to work 2 hours it being on my lap. I'm leaning towards 14". When working on desk, I will be using additional monitor anyway.

  18. I bought my first Mac in 2010 and it was the 13” MBP and it was a great machine and still running fine today but I always loved the look of the 17” and the other day I saw the new ones next to each other and my god the 16” is stunning… I think that’s the one I’ll have to get even if it’s more expensive than I’d like to spend

  19. Developed nations problems, back at home in Africa 3 hours of battery life would be deemed amazing

  20. The 14 inch is dope if you don’t mind carrying an iPad too. I use my 11 inch iPad Pro as an extra screen with my 14 inch. Game changer!

  21. Waiting for delivery of the 14" model. I have my current MacBook Pro in clamshell mode connected to a 27" Apple Cinema Display 98% of time, so laptop screen size is not a big issue for me.

  22. I appreciate how you made the real world size comparison with editing while traveling. The 16 is a game changer. I too down graded in size with the M1 13”. I hate the size love the computer. I just decided go to M1 Max 16” 32g waiting for it to arrive.

  23. i had the m1 air, sold it, bought the 16, max, used it for 1 week, brought it back, thought it was way too big, bought the 14 pro, used it for about a week, re-bought the max 16 again and now waiting on it….lol

  24. The 17"" MBP of the past are so cool! If apple made a 17" screen size now, it would be huge. Maybe they will surprise us and have a 17" M1 2 Pro/Max??

  25. What about using iPad on Sidecar next to 14" for 27" of total screen at the same weight as the 16"?

  26. Dude I gotta say I'm digging your tech reviews lately! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 hope you're staying warm, sending cozy vibes from Cali

  27. last MacBook Pro I owned was a 2015 base model in a 13 tomorrow I might get the 16 inch M1 Pro machine base model because that’s all I really need

  28. I have dilemma, I dont know if its better to get 14 inch and external monitor or just buy 16 inch, I heard the MacBook display is so good with that miniled that's why I dont know which one will be better.


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