Why the M1 Max MacBook Pro is the best money can buy!

Why the M1 Max is Ultra enough. Apple have just launched the M1 Ultra Mac Studio but for me the M1 Max MacBook Pro may be the best machine for the majority of creatives and professionals.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! I knew this MacBook Pro would be a beast, but it has definitely delivered in dealing with my video editing and multitasking workflows. Long may it last! 🙏🏼 Are you considering or already got one of these bad boys?

  2. damn thats my jam in the beginning. 16 inch m1 max is an absolute beast of a workhorse

  3. I plan to buy this exact spec macbook with the 1TB SSD (I have a NAS setup for storage) and plan to have a full desktop setup similar to you for this. I am looking to buy a 4K 144hz monitor (Gigabyte M32U) as the display. I am nu sure of what cable to buy for it as it requires a usbc to displayport cable and also what hub do you use? As I want my mac to be connected via 1 cable.

  4. I went with the same machine except I went with the 4 TB storage option. Definitely a game changer for me. I used to have to turn off my machine (2019 MacBook Pro) periodically to get it to cool down. Especially after I put a large amount of images into Lightroom. My new Mac never turns on the fan and hasn't crashed a single time.

    I never used the Touch Bar so no loss there.

    Keyboard feels better

  5. I like the Touch Bar too, looks so plan without it. They could have kept the functional keys and still given us the Touch Bar.

  6. I’m definitely in that keep the top popped camp. The display is too stunning to be hanging with those clams.

  7. Been watching your video's and I must say I really appreciate the quality, keep up the good work 👊

  8. Ahhhhh I've been waiting to watch this video for 2 days!!! Finally have a chance to rn! "Not yet anyways 👀" Yaaa, I'm defintely going for the M1 Max 14" this summer once I pay off my debt! FINAL CUT FTWWWW!!! Woahh how did you get the smoke!!! 16" is too big for campus and small seats in lecture halls RIP! I will probably get a MacBook stand beside my ultrawide stand to use as my colour accurate video preview display! WOW that 17" MACBOOK!!! Like the new end screen! Awesome video Alex!!! 😁

  9. The fact that it cannot run matlab and solid works and so much more apps natively and cannot play AAA games make it the worst product money can buy. Not everyone does editing for living…..

  10. I agree about not getting enough storage.

    I decided this machine is so expensive as it is, I might as well go all out and not compromise.

    So I configured it the exact same way you did, 2 TB is a sweet spot for me, a good amount of storage, not too much, but not too little.

  11. Received my 16” M1 Max MacBook Pro, same exact specs as yours, including SSD, and I absolutely love it.

  12. It’s sad how this is relatively future proof more-so than previous generations yet apple will probably still deem it obsolete no later than what they’ve been doing

  13. Great video, Alex! Apple really makes such amazing pro machines now that you just have to decide if you want portability or not.

  14. Super upload Alex 🙂 always good to note your views 👍 I am just going to for now stay with my intel version but I do not use it for any intensive work so no need to upgrade.

  15. Thank you Alex, Great review Alex, can I used MacBook pro m1 MAX for trading( charting and trading application ) connected to 4 extremal monitor for around 6 hour continuously with out any heating and fan noise, or your advice to go for Mac studio M1 max that have better Colling

  16. Great review Alex! Really looks like you’re happy and satisfied with your set-up glad to hear that👍but, “The more nitts the better for me” I heard that LOL😉🤣💡💡💡💡💡💡💡👀


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