Mac Studio Review – Your Next PC?

The Mac Studio is a super powerful device, but is it actually good?

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0:00 Design
00:41 Ports
01:35 Performance
02:16 M1 Max or M1 Ultra?
03:01 M1 Ultra vs Intel/RTX PC
03:38 Things To Consider
04:17 Can You Upgrade the Storage?
04:40 Should You Buy?

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  1. If I get the M1 MBA I’ll use it for my school works since I’m a college student and I also want to start a YouTube channel
    If I get the $1000 I’ll use it to buy the M1 MacBook Air

  2. I want a new desktop work station, just for obs stream, photo editing and video work (maximum 4k) so I´m struglling deciding about the mac mini 16gb vs base studio…I don´t know if the studio it´s necessary for that kind of work. Thanks!

  3. So happy I waited and didn’t buy the Mac studio. I do everything with the M1 MacBook Pro Max with that gorgeous mini LED 16” display. When stationary I stay connected to my XDR monitor in clamshell mode. Best of all worlds for my application or use.

  4. "Massively marked up PC components"? Really, and Apple's crap isn't marked up? At least on the PC components, you can add/change when you need to, unlike the Apple components where they lock you in and charge you up the rear for them.

  5. SSD cant be upgraded because the mac studio does not use traditional ssd's The memory controller is in the m1max/ultra not on the ssd. On regular ssds the memory controller is on the ssd. This makes them not interchangable.

  6. 106fps at 1080p ultra settings on Shadow of the Tomb Raider doesn’t suck to me. Most monitors doesn’t even handle past 60fps (60hz). This is actually impressive performance already, to me at least 🙂

  7. I can only get my Eve to recognize HDMI whenever I try to use DisplayPort over thunderbolt or the eve USB cable I get no picture same thing happened to my Mac mini I wonder if this is a Monterey 12.3 issue

  8. Locked and not upgradable and not affordable, will wait for Mac Pro base model, but afraid that will also go to unaffordable territory. Value for money getting low by each passing year.
    I have to move to PC I guess from this year, but man the win 11 thing is hard to operate.

  9. Great Update! I'm jealous, I ordered my Mac Studio on announcement day and I'm still waiting. I'm replacing my M1 Mac Mini with the base model Mac Studio for software engineering work (and light YouTubing) and I won't be able to push this device at all. I'm just not worthy of this machine. But… I REALLY wanted multiple Thunderbolt displays which my M1 Mac Mini could not handle. So, it will be worth it. Loving your work and I continue to subscribe.

  10. Correction – the internal PC board does not have SSD ports. They use a proprietary memory card that has no controller on it in those “supposed” ssd ports. Hence, it is a hardware function and not a software blocking issue. If the hard drive ever goes bad – it will be possible to have a new one put in but it will have to be done by Apple. You can add external storage easily and you can get SSD based external storage and have pretty decent access to it.